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September 18, 2005, 12:22 AM
Firstly, allow me to first say thanks to everyone that was kind enough to answer my questions. This forum has been very helpful, especially for a newbie to shotguns like me! Ok I got all the goodies to my new 870 project. The SpecOps stock does not fit correctly! (will be calling Knoxx monday or so). Anyways I have a Leopold QI full over receiver weaver mount. Installed on the mount is a ATN Ultra Sight Digital reflex optical sight. I like the sight, extremely fast sight picture. Only problem is I cannot get a cheek weld with the sight. The optic is too high above the receiver (I am thinking). After mounting, dissmounting and dryfiring 100 or so times it seems that a proper cheek weld mount that feels comfortable will only work with the bead or barrel sighting system.

My question being completely new to long gun shooting is am I stuck with the bead sight and remove my optics or can one (or I) effectively mount the gun and keep control without the cheek weld? Are there any other options? Please note that I would like to eventually be using the Knoxx SpecOps stock. Currently a Wilson/Scattergun M4 style stock (similar to the SpecOps without the recoil management) is on the 870.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise :D

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Mesa Tactical
September 18, 2005, 02:58 PM
This is an important issue, and one that is addressed by almost no one in the aftermarket or even among OEMs.

You can't use one stock that delivers solid cheek weld for both iron sights and optics. This is why we have two lines of AR stock adapters, a "High-tube" for use with rail-mounted optics and a "Low-tube" for use with iron sights:


From our experiments during the development of the Low-tube adapter, we worked out that the difference in stock elevation is about an inch.

Ways around this include: spacer inserts to raise the cheek weld on a stock that is too low; using iron sights that co-witness with the optics on a rail; or using a stock that can be quickly converted from one stock elevation to another. We aren't aware of anything that can satisfy the latter, which is why we have been working on some ideas of our own.

September 18, 2005, 11:10 PM
Yep. I think it may even be more then an inch. I do prefer the reflex optics over the iron sights. On the other hand I can feel the control with a solid cheek weld. Even though I have not shot the gun with the Knoxx SpecOps stock, the advertised benifit is also what I am after. So my dilemma continues. I am still seeking a solution.

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