View Full Version : Compatibility info on Charles Daly pumps?

September 11, 2005, 12:24 AM
After much reflection, and examining the weapon closely, I decided to put a smal deposit on a Charles Daly "Field Pump All Weather", which is to say it's a 18 1/2" cylinder bore pump that's been nickel plated, and comes with rifle-type sights. If it performs OK, I plan to use it as my secondary home defence weapon (everyone should own ONE shotgun, I figure).

I'd like some more detailed info on it though, from some people who might know more than I. It CLOSELY resembles an 870 in appearance to me - anyone know if it might be a clone of some kind?

Ideally, I'd like info on accessory compatibility - shellholders, mag extensions, replacement (aftermarket) stocks, and such. I know that at least one person has done the shellholder installation successfully, but I do not know what brand/model of shellholder was used, or where it was obtained.

Does anyone know if any company is making accessories that specifically mention the Daly pumps as compatible?

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. I really wanted a Mossy, but I couldn't find one locally with the features I wanted as-is (and ordering one would have made me pay for the whole thing up-front, which I couldn't do right now). I suspect I got a good one, but only time and the range will tell for sure.