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September 10, 2005, 10:22 PM
My Mossberg 590A1 with the thicker barrel and ghost-ring sights is specifically said by Mossberg to not accept the Mossberg 500/590 heat shield.

I have made minor modifications to the Mossberg 500/590 heat shield and got a great installation ... here are the steps:

1. With a 32 teeth hacksaw and a vice to hold the heat shield (don't bend it), make two cuts on the rear holding ring. Each cut is 1/4 inch off each end of the existing rear holding ring semicircle. Use a power drill with a grinding bit to smooth the edges of the cuts.

2. Put the rear end of heat shield onto and over the barrel near the muzzle. The heat shield should now slide down the barrel as far as it can. Here is the good part (I think) ... the heat shield on the larger 590A1 barrel will never interfere with removing/inserting the gun barrel like it appears it does in the instructions for the standard 590 barrel installation.

3. The forward end of the heat shield now needs to be tapped down over the forward end of the gun barrel. Use a soft towel, a piece of wood and a hammer to do this. It took me only two taps on the wood against the towel and heat shield to get the job done.

4. The heat shield comes with a black plastic shim and two screws and nuts. Trash the shim. Take the screws and nuts down to the local hardware store and get two "stainless steel" screws that are a 1/4 inch longer than the original screws. Using two sets of pliers, slightly bend the screws in the middle. Attach the screws and nuts to the front end of the heat shield and tighten. I used my drill bit grinder to cut off the excess screw and smooth the end. On my parkerized finish shotgun, I used some hi-heat flat black paint to finish the job.

I just shot the hell out my shotgun today, handed it to my wife, and she blasted away. All the while back and forth, we never burned our hands. Plus, I am now getting great accuracy with 100 yard slug shots by taking my left hand on the forend and sticking my thumb up against the heat shield.

Enjoy !!!

September 11, 2005, 04:41 PM
Thanks so much! I've been thinking about this for a while. Is there any chance you can post/send a drawing or diagram of the cuts on the shield? I am still a bit fuzzy on that part. Also, in your pic, is that an extended safety button? If so, do you have a link to it?

September 11, 2005, 05:20 PM
<<Also, in your pic, is that an extended safety button?>>

No, it's the top of the 6 shell side case on the left side of the gun.

Find attached a drawing of the cuts on the rear of the heat shield.

September 13, 2005, 08:02 PM
See! I'm not the only one that stuck a bayonet on my 590A1!