View Full Version : Wal-Mart Fausti O/U ???

September 10, 2005, 06:53 AM
Any good?

September 10, 2005, 09:34 AM

September 10, 2005, 11:27 AM

September 10, 2005, 11:43 AM
I own one of these guns, and have never had an issue with it yet. Fit and finish are great, and the coin finish engraved receiver looks wonderful.
I've used this gun on many hunts, and countless skeets.
I bet I've got over 2500 shells thru it without a hitch.
The ONLY downer is the cost of new choke tubes, you have to get them thru Traditions, and they are not as inexpensive as say winnie or Remmie chokes.

I bought this used from a board member here. It came to me in just about unused condition.
The selectable single trigger is a plus also, especially if you are not one to master the double trigger guns.

It is a good gun if you are looking for a gun that you can take afield, and not have a hemmorage if you scratch it on brush or twigs. It's no Citori, nor is it a redlabel or beretta, but it goes bang every time I pull the trigger, fits me well [which is 1/2 the battle with a shotgun], and the pheasants crash to the ground! :D

September 10, 2005, 11:56 PM
I bought one last year and have put about 2500 rounds though it without a problem. For the cost, it's a good value.