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September 8, 2005, 07:49 PM
Can someone explain the S&W versions to me in the 9VE/9GVE? What does the 'VE' mean? What is the difference b/w that and the 'GVE'? I handled one of these recently and it fit my hand well. The price is great, and I'm wondering what the difference between the various versions is... I noticed that one of the 'GVE' versions on the web site is 16+1 and the other is 10+1.

September 8, 2005, 07:58 PM
"VE" stands for "Value Enhanced." The V denoted (as I understand) the stainless steel slide instead of the Melanite slide, while the E stood for improvements that were incorporated several years after the Sigma was originally introduced...shorter barrel, integral front mounting rails on the frame, slightly different magazine release button placement, checkering on the front- and backstrap of the grip frame, and the ambidextrous thumb rests.

As I understand it, the G stands for the green color instead of the standard stainless color.

September 8, 2005, 08:03 PM
Thanks! How do the DAO triggers on this compare to, say, the DAO trigger of the Taurus Mil Pro PT-111SSP? They seem like comparable guns with comparable prices... Any thoughts? Of course the 9VE holds 16+1, which is nice.

September 8, 2005, 08:12 PM
Sorry, I've never shot the Taurus, but I hear it mentioned frequently here. In order to get a comparison, you may need to start a thread with that as the title so both sides can weigh in. I've always been happy with my Sigma in .40, but some find that the trigger needs a "break-in" period...and the Sigma is a practical gun, so it won't have a nice "target" trigger.

Good luck with your choice, and enjoy whichever you choose!

The Stook
September 8, 2005, 08:20 PM
Well i have a SW40VE and have nothing but praises about it even after 2500+ rds. No malfunctions or anything. The trigger is pretty heavy but breaks in after about 500 rds. Do not kid yourself thou, even after the break in it is not going to be a light trigger, just better. BUT there are a few of us on another board that have found a way to lighten the trigger conciderably. I have only fired about 300+ rds from it since i modified the trigger... so im not comfortable recomending it for duty yet. But thus far it has functioned flawlessly and only took 5 minutes to modify....... and has survived my 50+ dry firings a day habit. ( i use snap caps)

The SW9VE and SW9GVE are the exact same as far as i have been told. The only difference is the poly reciever of the GVE is NATO green. The VE stands for Value and Enhanced. The previous poster nailed the meanings of this.

I would post a link to the forum discussion about the trigger modification but i do not know if this forum allows links to other forums.

September 8, 2005, 08:30 PM
Stook, thanks for the clarification that it is the frame, not the slide, that is NATO green...too tired again!

July 22, 2012, 03:28 PM
The the difference is simple the G does not stand for green the GVE's we made before the VE's and the VE models were much better for many reasons and they are such a great pistol that Glock sued S&W over it &I you will notice that 99% of the complainers are Glock owners, blocks suck because if you ever held one its like holding 2X4 in your hand the Sigma series have earned great praise for their grip angle and great feel in ones hand but now before 9VE or 40VE you will see an SD like SD40VE which has some great additions to it that bring it way above any Glock & the M&P Smith & Lessons set the mark so high Glock can't even get close, I would suggest visiting the S&W web site and going to your gun dealer just be careful to what they say because they might push a certain gun because they have an overstock on it or its more profitable to them, also check out the bodyguard 380 with built in laser, and don't listen to people about Cal size because that's a joke its all about proper training and I'm not talking about concealed carry courses I'm talking about the training that allows me to beat someone when I have. 22 & they have a .45. Good luck.