View Full Version : Remington R1 wad available again

September 7, 2005, 10:02 AM
I am posting this announcement here to make sure anyone interested has a chance to take advantage of this one time deal. Read it carefully.

As most of you 16 gauge fans who reload know, 16 gauge one ounce wads have been very hard and expensive to buy since Remington and Winchester withdrew their wads from the market. Some folks have even resorted to using 20 ga. wads as substitutes with limited success. The few R16 and AA-16 wads available have been bringing a very high premium for those who have enough to sell, like $10 per 250 count bag plus $5 shipping on Ebay or 6 cents a wad.

The R16 can safely be substituted for the AA-16 in any one ounce load and can be used safely in any 16 gauge hull including Remington and Winchester AA type compression formed one piece hulls. It also can easily be adapted for 3/4 oz. and 7/8 oz. sub-loads by placing 1 or 2 28 ga. 1/8" thick card wads in the bottom of the shot cup. My favorite skeet load is 3/4 of #9 in a Remington hull. It crushes birds better than a 28 ga. gun and has practically no recoil. It is also a great quail and woodcock load with #7-1/2 or #8 shot.

After over 2 years of negotiating, I have been able to persuade Remington to make its 16 gauge R16, 1 oz. wad available for purchase on a limited basis. Here is the deal. There are no exceptions. This is a one time offer. The R16 is available by the 5000 bulk pack. All orders over 5000 must be multiples of 5000. Packs cannot be split. the price is 126.50 per 5000 plus shipping via UPS ground. They are available through Recob's Target Shop, the nationally known mail order reloading shop at: [email protected] to order.

Remington has no plans to reintroduce the R16 on a regular basis. This deal will not be repeated. So don't procrastinate on this opportunity or you will miss out. The minimum overall order of 100,000 wads was met on the first day of announcement. The clock is ticking. you can buy them now at 2.5 cents each or you can pay over $10 per 250 bag plus shipping, or 6 cents each on Ebay later as others have been doing. You make the choice.