View Full Version : brand new hk usp match worth it?

September 7, 2005, 02:02 AM
i've seen a hk usp match in 9mm brand new for approximately usd$1300 (inc. taxes, freight). do you think it's worth it? i've read a used one could cost usd$850-1100. does anybody know how much they were going for when they were in production still?

i'm hoping its a variant one, does anybody know if you can get them changed because i'd hate a variant five to seven because i'll be using this alot for ipsc and it'll only be shot down at the range, no self defence or concealed carry because it's illegal in australia.

this is my first handgun and i was opting for a SA 1911 loaded in 9mm. i've held a usp with a extended barrel and it felt really light, and i liked it :D if its worth it, i'll go down to the range and hire theirs. from what i've heard here, the price tag is not on par with the usp in general, but still a great gun. what are the opinions on the usp and usp match? pros n cons? any comment will be valued.

and isn't it cool, my name's matchy and i'll have a usp match hahaha

September 7, 2005, 03:41 PM
As I recall, when the Match was being closed out by HK, CDNN was selling new ones for $799. HK is closing out the Expert and the Elite. You can find them for less than $1100, usually around $1000.