View Full Version : Help me ID this "Danzig" Mauser.

Greg Bell
September 4, 2005, 07:18 PM
I was given this mauser a few years ago. It has been drilled for scope mounts and a hideous bipod mount welded onto the first barrel band. The horror, the horror.

Anyway, the nearly destroyed markings in front of the ejection port appear to be a big crown, the word Danzig and a date of which the last number is 8. On the left side the number 1986 appears with a lower case "a" under the number. A little further back it says Kar 98. On the opposite side a few proof marks appear. What is this thing?

September 4, 2005, 10:37 PM
1918 Kar98 carbine made in the danzig arsenal easily woth $1000 if unaltered