View Full Version : talk me into buying a moss. 500

September 2, 2005, 08:18 PM
big 5 has them for $219 for either an 18" or the combo gun with a 24" and an 18". im intersted in the combo as i already have a 1300 with 18" and would like to do some skeet/trap shoots. what is the mag capacity for the combo gun and is it a wood or synthetic stock. the ad looks like synthetic but mossbergs site only shows wood for the combo. cant get down to big 5 for a few days to take a look. where is the slide release located on the 500, is it like an 870 release? tia

September 2, 2005, 09:01 PM
Sounds like a good deal.

Standard mag capacity is 5+1 and some come with a dowel installed to restrict it to 2+1 for hunting. All of the combos I've seen have had wood stocks.

The slide release is on the left side of the receiver just behind the trigger guard.

September 2, 2005, 10:15 PM
The Mossberg 500 is a very good shotgun.I have had alot of exposure to them in the past few years and ultimately settled with an 835 and an 870 Remington. Either shotgun has its virtues and a few minor drawbacks I like where the safety and slide release are located on the Mossberg over the Remington and the 835 pulls up nice to my shoulder. The slide release is just behind the trigger guard on the left side of the shotgun. I like the ergonomics of the Mossberg. I like my Remington also but that shotgun is my "Sunday go to meetin' " shotgun. I would consider an 835 over a 500 just because it seems "overbuilt" compared to the 500 and sports a 10 gage bore and is back bored.I don't use the 3.5 inch rounds and do just well with 2.75 and 3 inch loads. The heavy loads really thump you so hold on tight. The 3.5 inch loads will flat out hurt your feelings!

Guy B. Meredith
September 3, 2005, 12:39 AM
Big 5 gives great deals on the Mossbergs. Go for it. Worst case you can probably sell it for just under what you paid--little loss and possibly lots of fun.

September 3, 2005, 02:11 AM
My friend and I each got a Mossberg Mariner back in '95 or so, but he got the 500 and I got the 590. I like the 590 a lot more simply because it has 8+1 capacity. That's pretty cool. It doesn't seem significantly longer than the 500.

Mine does not have combat sights on it like I want, though. Anyone know about add-ons to put a rear sight on a 590?


September 3, 2005, 09:25 AM
i was eventually going to buy a longer tube for the 1300 so i could do the skeet shooting but for $219 its really hard to pass the combo up. a 1300 barrel alone would set me back $100+ anyways. the only thing i dislike about the 1300 is the slide release, you really have to hit it with your thumb pretty good. i really like how the 870 release is positioned and works. ill be going down to big 5 tomorrow to check it out. thanks guys

September 3, 2005, 11:40 AM
You will not have a problem with the slide release on the mossberg....all you have to do is wrap your middle finger around the grip a little more to press it.

Great gun, and you should really take either gun to the skeet range with the 18" barrels on em' LOADS of fun!

September 3, 2005, 11:46 AM
I've owned LOTS of 870's and only one Moss 500. I like the Moss, the fit and finish were decent, everything worked well, it shot well, seemed very well made and I generally never had a problem with...at least not mechanically. After using 870's almost all my life, I instictively went looking for the slide release in the wrong place all the time with the Moss, it's in a different place than the 870 so...even though I thought it was a great gun, I personally could never get really comfortable with it.

September 3, 2005, 06:52 PM
Friends don't let friends buy Mossbergs when 870's are available. :D

September 4, 2005, 09:34 AM
In 35 years of owning guns I've never owned anything but Mossberg 500 variants....Some new,and some very well used....And I have NEVER had a malfunction of any kind, nor has apart EVER broken on any ofmy Mossbergs. In one I fired thousands of rounds, shooting trap...

*70s are good guns, to, but I'll keep my Mossbergs, thank you!

September 4, 2005, 01:21 PM
I have and still do own several Mossbergs and I have never had any problems what so ever.In my opinion they make a very good product and you won't have to take a second mortgage to buy one.I use my 500 for everything from trap to turkeys and with the second barrel (rifled)that came with it I can use for just about any purpose.Buy it I don't think you will be sorry.