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September 2, 2005, 10:02 AM
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Has anyone done any serious accuracy testing with these new rifled barrel hunting shotguns? I have read about a guy who built a huge target gun for just that, but I don't see anything serious about the hunting guns. This ammo is so expensive, I'd like to read what others have found before me. Group size with the various sabot slugs?

BTW, my most accurate load so far is the Federal 1OZ Barnes all copper number at about 1450fps. About 2 inches at 50 and 4 or so at 100. I'd like to see the faster ones (3/4 oz at 1900 to 2000 fps) give better accuracy, but so far, they don't. I use the 870 with factory and aftermarket barrels, but have not tried the cantilever arrangement.

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September 2, 2005, 11:24 PM
I'm in the process of testing several of the sabot slugs on the market right now. I've done accuracy tests at 75 yards( thats all the range I have right now), chronographed the loads, and done expansion tests by firing into gallon jugs of water lined up. So far the best over all load I have found is Winchester Platinum Tip. I've averaged about 1.5" groups. The loads chronograph at an avg. of 1640 fps. They are rated at 1700 fps. The bullet is .50 caliber and weighs 400 grs. Recovered bullets expand to 1" and retain an avg of 378 grs.I killed a doe last Dec. with this load. terminal performance was outstanding.

I have had no luck at all with the Federal 3/4 oz. Expanders.Velocity is only 1700 fps. They are rated at 1900 fps. Accuracy was dismal.

I have ordered some of the Remington core lokt ultras that I want to do more testing with. they look promising however. I also want to try Winchesters Partition Gold. When I have more results, I'll try to let you know.

Oh, I used a Marlin 512 Slugmaster with a 21" barrel with a 4x Weaver scope for the tests.

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September 3, 2005, 03:46 AM
I shot some Remington solid copper sabot slugs yesterday on a range session. 3 inch mag - with a one once slug. Recoil was pretty stout - accuracy was excellent.

At fifty yards @ 3 inch group. Also shot the last of my Brennke slugs.. :mad:
They are excellent ammo and plan to buy more of them in the near future. I've also shot some Winchester slugs and Seller & Beloit. Winchester were good for a cheap slug, the other were pretty lame out of my shotgun.

The gun i used was a Stevens 12 guage 67L series e, with a Tru Glow red dot sight.


September 3, 2005, 06:50 PM
Try some of Federal's new TruBall. They come in reduced recoil versions (which I tested) and standard. My limited testing from my 870 indicates a significant improvement over standard slugs. Group size was cut in half.