View Full Version : Beretta 86 feedramp

August 28, 2005, 01:09 PM
I have well over 1200 rounds through my Cheetah and it performs flawlessly with FMJs and JHPs. It does have a HUGE problem feeding the WWB flat nosed rounds. As in, jams every shot! The bullet nose just sticks on the frame feed ramp and the slide force is not enough to feed it, nor is a tap or pulled slide back again.

Is this just an issue of polishing the feedramp? Or is the angle too steep? Has anyone polished the feed ramp on this pistol? Has anyone had any issued feeding WWB? I'd like for my gun to feed them as they are cheaper to buy locally than Remington, Fed AE and PMC (if these 3 are even available in town).

The gun does not like to shoot the CCI blazers either. Which isn't a whole lot of skin on my back, I hate the cases on them.

Any input?

The pistol wasn't intended to be broken down for everyday cleaning (stupid Beretta), so actually getting a good angle to get a tool head in there would be interesting.