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August 28, 2005, 11:35 AM
I have a new/used 657 6in barrel with adjustable sights. It shoots so far left that the sights won't move far enough. What are my options? I am guessing I will be stuck with replacing the barrel. I don't think recrowning would make THAT much difference, right?
I checked brownells and smith and wesson and can't find a replacement barrel.

August 28, 2005, 12:30 PM
How bad IS the crown? It could, indeed have a large influence on P.O.I.

August 28, 2005, 12:51 PM
I have looked at the crown with a magnifying glass and I acn't find anything that looks bad. But I would be willing to try recrowning if that might fix the problem. It would beat replacing the barrel.

August 28, 2005, 02:32 PM

The First Rule of Gunsmithing is:
NEVER, EVER alter ANYTHING until you know EXACTLY what the problem is.

In all likelihood, the problem is NOT the crown. A crown bad enough to make the gun shoot that far off would be readily apparent.

The problem could be anything from a bent frame or barrel, (I've seen it) to a barrel not indexed properly, to a bent sight, to a damaged or altered REAR sight, to a forcing cone problem, to a cylinder problem, to a yoke problem.

In other words a good many things, many which are NOT readily apparent.

Where good guns get ruined is by just altering something in the HOPE that it's the problem.

S&W's don't leave the factory with a problem that makes a gun shoot that far off.
In all likelihood, this means some previous owner did SOMETHING to screw it up.
Diagnosing just what it is is a job for a real pistolsmith.

Trying to fix it by "shooting blind" will almost certainly NOT correct the problem, and will in fact make MORE problems.

In short, this is one of those "Don't try this at home" deals.

Since S&W's aren't cheap, I'd take this one to a QUALIFIED pistolsmith (not the local guy) or send it to S&W for a correct fix.

August 28, 2005, 03:02 PM
You make a good point. Although I may not agree about the price of getting it fixed. If you know of a qualified gunsmith in Va let me know.

August 28, 2005, 06:40 PM
S&W will be cheaper than anyone else, AND may well fix it for free if it's a factory defect.

However....Every year American Handgunner Magazine publishes a list of the top 100 gunsmiths in America.

Here's their entry for VA:

D.R. and Barb Middlebrook
7396 Colonial Trail East, Surry, VA 23883; (757) 357-9881, FAX (757) 365-0442;
website: www.tacticalshooting.com,
e-mail: info@tacticalshooting.com
Master Pistolsmith and World Champion shooter specializing in Tactical and Competition conversions for the 1911 and Glock pistols. Home of National and World Championship winning Pro-Sights.

Sandy A. Garrett Jr. and Robert H. Garrett
7518-K Fullerton Rd., Springfield, VA 22153; (703) 644-6504
Sandy A. Garrett Jr.,
1998 APG Pistolsmith of the Year; Specializing in PPC, Bullseye, NRA Action Pistol/Bianchi Cup; Rifle, pistol and shotgun customizing and repair; Members APG.