View Full Version : scope suggestions for Black Powder 50 ca.

August 25, 2005, 11:39 PM
I am not much of a black powder shooter but I do have a T/C (I think) Black Diamond in 50 ca. I am looking for a rugged scope to use mainly for deer hunting and some basic recreational shooting. I hate full loads so I maybe I can get away with a lighter duty scope. I am a cheep SOB and would like to hear some suggestions for something under 100 bucks ;) that's good enough for my needs.

I like the variables as I can scope out the back 49 on high power. A 40mm lens is good and a 50mm would be ok if it will fit. Our deer season is late so I will be using it in 20-60 degree weather.

Your thoughts? :confused:

I will post this same question in Black Powder forum too if you should find a repeat posting.