View Full Version : Check out my new HBE Com3

August 24, 2005, 09:31 PM
Here it is.

Here is another pic.

I'd say it does the job of helping to conceal the weapon quit well don't you?

Ok, here is a pic to show that I really do have something in a holster under my shirt.

I'd have to echo what every other review of Eric's work has said. This is a well made holster with a tried and true design. The straight seems, smooth edges, and well molded form speaks of the time and skill put into making this holster.

Here, let me show you.


I must say that the holster does everything it suppose to do. It stays put with very little shift, as the pictures showed above it works very well as a tuckable. The Com 3 has really good retention, almost to the point of too much, but I think that the more I use it the retention verses smooth easy draw factor will equal out. Re-holstering is easy especially since it doesn't have a reinforced mouth. The quality of the leather and the molded shape of the gun seems to be enough to hold it open for holstering.

I could probably go on, but I wouldn't be saying anything that you haven't heard before so I'll end by saying this. When I need another holster I'll holler at Eric.

Eric Larsen
September 11, 2005, 05:48 PM
Well thanks very much..I appreciate the kind words. The Com 3 is probably the most popular holster I make.
Carry and Shoot well.

September 11, 2005, 06:48 PM
He's the guy I went to for my Pancake OWB.