View Full Version : Is it me or do Kimbers require way oversized parts?

August 23, 2005, 12:18 AM
Last night I fitted an EGW oversized ejector to my Ultra TLE II. Nose and tail length had to be filed down quite a bit, but the ejector isn't high enough to fill in the gap in the slide. It's slightly annoying. (Otherwise the ejector appears to be very stout.)

I also put on an Ed Brown oversized barrel bushing a while back. I shaved .001" from the ID and less than .001" from the OD!

EGW oversize trigger dropped right into the gun. It fit okay but could have been a little tighter. The bow was too short and there was a lot of takeup. I ended up putting the stock trigger back in.

Oversized firing pin stop needed just a touch of rework.

The stock firing pin is like .005" longer than all the other firing pins I've tried.

The pins that hold the gun together are about .001" bigger on the Kimber than the C&S pins that come in a replacement set.

A 0.200" slide stop pin drops right in and honestly I could use a .203" pin.

Do "gunsmith fit" parts go into other brands of pistols like that?

August 23, 2005, 11:46 AM
I would have thought that Kimber would have "tighter" tolerances, so that pins would be on the large end, and holes at the small end, etc., for a "better" fit. They claim to have "redesigned" the 1911, but maybe they should have left it alone.