View Full Version : First gun show purchase...

August 23, 2005, 12:11 AM
...a $150 shotgun. It's a Montgomery Ward model, made in France. Blued with walnut stocks. When I pick it up (after the 10-day wait) I'll post some pics for some help with ID.

I was specifically looking for a cheap trap gun and the 'Ward seemed to fit the bill. 30" barrel, mod. choke, short mag... maybe a 3-rounder. Bead sight with plain barrel.

Anyway, that represents my first firearm purchase from a gun show. It was very painless. Saw the gun on the table, talked the guy down on the price ($50 - it was a slow day at Crossroads) and he walked me over three tables to the FFL. Easy as pie. I was kinda afraid it'd be a fiasco.

EDIT: I saw a number of "unfired" Remington 870s for $200 and under. Now I'm kicking myself for not grabbing one.