View Full Version : New 870 Police

August 22, 2005, 10:34 PM
After trading my older benelli M1 towards an AR-10, I went looking for another HD shotgun - checked out the 870 Tactical Magnum (green park.), Beretta 1201FP, Mossberg's 59x, and finally ended up with a 870 Police Magnum they had in the back!

Not what I had in mind really going in, but after alot of thought I went with it. It is exactly like the one I used in my PD days. Nice no-finish walnut stocks, 5rnd mag, heavy duty latches and springs, blued finish, bead sight. Can swap out barrels and have a decent hunting gun too. Reasonable price.

I thought I wanted ghost ring sights, actually found the open bead a bit...easier and quicker. Loved the Speedfeed IV on the Tactical, but hated the plastic trigger housing, and knowing it wasn't as strongly built. Beretta a bit much $$ - very light, and sort of weird manual of arms.

Feels nice and solid, shoots to point of aim at 15yds - so far so good! With a little linseed oil rubbed into the wood - not too bad looking either!