View Full Version : Can't identify origin of shotgun

August 16, 2005, 02:42 PM
I inherited this side by side shotgun from my uncle. He has been deceased now for 15 years or so. It was passed to me from my father who knows nothing about it, and would prefer I sell it.

I understand that it was taken from the Germans who probably confiscated it from the French. Other than that, I only know the gauge is 16 or 18 and that I've been to several "gun shows" only to be told that no one has ever seen anything like it.

The markings are as follows: "STETIENNE", "ROTARY", "PT", several proofing marks (as yet unidentified) and the number 26501 on all three sections.

Can anyone help?

Ron Razete

Jim Watson
August 16, 2005, 04:09 PM
Well St Etinne is in France but those proof marks are not in either of my lists of French proof marks. Perhaps a private proof house, which did exist. Two strikes with the proof stamp usually means it was given the "superior" proof at higher pressure for better quality guns.
"PT" undoubtedly means patented and something that peculiar looking would surely be patented by a proud inventor. Operation is definitely "rotary" but whether that is the model or the brand, I don't know, never saw one before. Did they make 26500 like it or was it just one of several guns numbered in the same series. I dunno. Wish I could be more help. The French were surprisingly inventive gun designers and this is just one of several strange ideas I have seen from there.

I don't doubt that it was confiscated from the Germans who had confiscated it in Occupied France because I have a Verney-Carron that came in the same way; I worked with the guy who souveniered it and bought it from his widow after he passed away.