View Full Version : F/S New BlackHawk and Eagle Gear

August 14, 2005, 06:30 PM
New BlackHawk LBE system in Desert Tan. All or parts:

Photo and info at link below:


STRIKE LBE Harness 37CL40CT $70.00
STRIKE Utility Pouchs 37CL21CT $32.00 for two
STRIKE Radio/GPS Pouch 37CL35CT $16.00
STRIKE Radio Pouch PCR-112 37CL26CT $16.00
STRIKE MBITR Radio Pouch 37CL20CT $26.00
STRIKE Hydration Carrier 37CL37CT $24.00
STRIKE 1 QT Canteen/Mag Pouch 37CL11CT $32.00 for two
STRIKE Single Pisto Mag Pouch 37CL08CT $14.00

New BlackHawk Patrol Pack (black) $140
New BlackHawk HydraStorm Predator Hydration Unit (black) $70.00
New Large Becker Patrol Pack with internal frame (black) $160.00

Prices do not include shipping and I will ship overseas. We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal through our website at www.jffirearms.com All BlackHawk gear can be drop shipped at 25% to 30% below retail price. Just contact us with your needs.