View Full Version : New User Greetings & (Ruger M77 Stock/Bedding) Help Request

August 7, 2005, 07:54 AM
Morning All!

I'm a new user here, been lurkin' for a bit, and I just wanted to be polite and introduce myself before launching into a plea for knowledgeable aid. ;)

Anyhow, yesterday I entered the ranks of Ruger owners for the first time. I purchased a new M77-II Sporter (brown laminate / stainless) in .308 for me and one of the last new Mark II .22s around (can't do internal locks on handguns... been there... ain't there no more) for my older daughter.

I'll be taking the 77 to the range for break-in and sighting-in, but I don't fully understand accurizing these rifles. The diagonal front screw pulls the action down snug into the stock, which Ruger bills as good, but how does a body work with that if the rifle isn't grouping well enough? Are 77s to be glass bedded? Free floated? Just what do you do with them?

If any of y'all could explain this to me I'd be grateful. Or, if you know of decent web articles out there on the topic, that'd be great too.