View Full Version : Beretta 96D Brigadier concealment holster

August 5, 2005, 09:39 PM
Looking for a concealment holster for a Beretta 96D Brigadier.

Yeah, it's a hefty piece, but it's also a duty piece, so...

Any ideas? I'd prefer an inside the waistband style, but am open to most possibilities.

August 6, 2005, 02:34 PM
Hey Destructo,
Fairly slim amount of info there my friend.
Do you want cheap, hi-dollar, suede, rough-out, lined/unlined, open-top, thumb break, fixed/multi position, clip-on, strap-on.......

August 6, 2005, 05:22 PM
I've only been able to find a couple for this particular pistol. One is a paddle style by Fobus and the other is more generic.

Therefore, I'm pretty open to any type.

August 6, 2005, 06:06 PM
Well then...
Go spend 10 minutes HERE ( and consider that almost anything you see can be made for your Beretta.

August 8, 2005, 09:53 AM
I had the same problem last year trying to find a concealed holster for my then-new 96 Brig. Here's who has one specifically for this gun:


I am pretty sure I bought directly from them, but Gunner's Alley carries this line, and based on my experience with them last week, they have all my business for stuff I cannot get quickly from my local gun store.

Here's my review, but with an important caveat: I almost never carry this gun concealed. I bout a SW99 .40 compact soon after and it is my daily carry piece. But I love the Brigadier. Just too big for me to carry every day, especially in the summer, and I like to keep things consistent in this department.

The holster is definately made for the Brig. It has a pretty large "tunnel" for the front site, although there is still a bit of interference from time to time that scrapes a minute amount of Kydex off. I suspect if I carried it regularly it would work itself in a bit.

Build quality is outstanding. Far superior to my Fobus paddle holster. It has the sweat/shirt guard. Retention is perfect. And it is a very comfotable carry. Its just the gun thats too big!

If I can figure out how to post a pic of here I will, with the gun in and out.

Good luck.


August 8, 2005, 02:00 PM
Destructo, Take a look at my "Cross-Breed IWB" I can make one specifically to fit your brigadier as I am about to aquire some new molds.

Just do a forum search for "Cross-Breed IWB" or you can find the original post in the For Sale threads.

There are some nice pics in the posts.