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August 5, 2005, 07:59 PM
When i say inexpensive i mean for all 4 guns. I am about to start shooting more competetive skeet. The person who is organizing the squad has said that i need to be able to shoot all 4 guns. I need to find out which over under would be cheapest gauge is not a big issue 28 would be great as i already have my semi auto for twelwe and a miroku for 20. My uncle has a 12 gauge miroku in skeet but my mom doesnt want me taking it from him. It is actually my grandpas and he has said it is alright. Also are the browning little skeeters any good because that would cut alot of the cost out of it.
Thank you in advance,

August 5, 2005, 09:04 PM
Been there, done that, got burnt out big time. Good luck.

That said, when I went into full competition mode I bit the bullet and got a Ruger Red Label and had Kolar tube it with the most inexpensive set they had with fixed chokes, which at the time was the Classic set. This was a good 15 years ago. By the time I quit shooting Registered skeet I rarely if ever even shot the 12 gauge, usually shot the 20ga in the 12 ga event and the 28ga in the 20 and 28ga events and kept the ,410 for it's own event. Shot doubles with the 20ga.

I had more in ammo the first year and a half than I did in my shotgun. I put over 60,000 through that Ruger before selling it. I shot for 4 years before getting burnt out, made it to the 3rd ranked in my state the last year I shot, not saying alot as at that time there wasn't a great number of people shooting Registered in the state. Maybe 100 people and only maybe 20 AA shooters. IIRC my OA average was 98.7 that year.

If you really want to be competative get 1 gun fitted to you and tube it with Brileys or my preference Kolar tubes. If you are going to do it, do it right with a gun that will last. I shoot a Beretta 682 Supersport now, weighs about 9#'s. You want a gun that weighs at least 8.5#'s to help with recoil and follow through. At the time I shot I had my Ruger set up just shy of 10lbs.

I'm sure others will give different advice, most good, but if you have any specific questions PM me.