View Full Version : Suggestions on aftermarket sights for .45 PD?

Osborn F. Enready
August 2, 2005, 09:42 PM

I have a Star model PD, in .45 ACP. I love the gun, have become very accustomed to it, and would like to hear some educated opinions and recommendations on aftermarket sights being offered.

I am quite satisfied with the stock sights, except for the looseness that has developed in the rear sight blade. Trijicon or increased visibility sights would be nice, but not essential in the choice. Adjustability I would think is the unspoken necessity.

I am also wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good gunsmith in the Northwest Ohio area, as I am looking to have this done by a professional and would also like the gun to be given an overall check for wear, longevity issues.

Any and all input will be appreciated, thanks for your time. :)

Dave Sample
August 3, 2005, 01:58 PM
Good Luck! Finding a smith that will install after market nite sites couild be a challenge because they could cost more that the gun is worth. The rear sights are fitted loose because there is a pin under them that holds the firing pin in place and it has to be drifted out to clean the gun. You can fix that by drifing out the rear sight with the slide off of the lower end and then raising some dimples with a center punch on each side of the pin hole. Then the rear sight should go in tighter.

I had one as a back up years ago and agree with who ever said "it is a gun to be carried a lot and shot very little." I got rid of mine very soon after I aquired it when the recoil spring plunger broke after shooting a few rounds. Star sent me a new one and then I traded it off. They are no longer in business so I do not know where you can get parts for them.