View Full Version : AR15 front sight location...

July 27, 2005, 08:10 AM
When I use the set screw and loctite method to attach the front sight base, how do I know that the gas port is aligned properly? I have had some short stroking with factory 55g loads and it makes me a bit suspicious that the port is partially blocked. When I loctited the front sight in place I looked through the pin holes to nominally line the sight up, front to back, then rotated the base as needed to get a good rear sight zero location, then used wicking loctite. The only problem seems to occur when I use factory loads with some moly sprayed on the bullets. I use these for OH practice. The result may be that the bullet goes down the bore a bit easier with the moly and there is less time for the gas to act on the bolt. Any thoughts or experience with this? How critical is the gas port alignment? TIA