View Full Version : EMERGENCY! Need to Detail Strip my Iver Johnson 32 S&W revolver NOW!

July 24, 2005, 01:54 AM
Last week I cleaned my old iver johnson revolver with a bath in ballistol... I did it in the sink and only used about 6 sprays of this CLP... The water was greasy and milky white... but it doesn't look like it was enough. I looked at it about an hour ago and found a reddish brown substance forming on the hammer and all over the inside of the reciever. Normally I would start pulling parts out and cleaning them but no matter how much i unscrew the screw in the middle of the frame just wont come out, and i cant detail strip the gun without getting this out.


The screw is in the middle, is there any trick to get it out? it come out half way, but then it will still unscrew, but wont move any further.

And after a week of rust, how much damage is done?

July 24, 2005, 03:18 PM
These inexpensive revolvers aren't intended to be "field stripped".

Likely the years have frozen the screw in place, and attempts to remove it will likely damage the gun.

I recommend getting a can of one of the "Gun Scrubbers" and spraying the gun inside and out THOROUGHLY.

This will remove all crud and lube.

Force dry the gun with a hair dryer. This will warm the metal up enough to dry it quickly, but won't overheat it.

After it's dry, use a good spray lube like Rem-Oil or CLP Breakfree and spray everything inside and out with a HEAVY coat. Really work it in all openings to insure complete coverage.

Drain and wipe off the excess, and you should be OK.

James K
July 24, 2005, 03:34 PM
I second Dfariswheel's warning about not taking apart that old revolver. If you do take that revolver apart, you will be back for advice on how to put it together and I am not sure either Dfariswheel or I will want to assist after our warnings.

If you insist - if the screw comes out "half way", it probably is unscrewed from the frame on the other side, and can be driven out with a punch. But don't do that unless you remove the grips and remove the hammer spring (mainspring). Otherwise, you won't be able to get the hammer out or back in.