View Full Version : Trijicon vs. PT Nightsights

July 23, 1999, 04:17 PM
Does anyone have an opinion on using trijicon vs. Pt night sights. I have a Walther P99 .40 and an HK USPc .45 that I want to have fitted with nightsights

July 25, 1999, 09:32 AM
I much prefer PT, otherwise known as IWI, night sights. More colors and more configurations to suit the user.

September 6, 1999, 07:06 PM
I currently own both Trijicon and PT night sights. The PT's have the advantage of the different color configurations as well as being able to have both bars and dots (keeps you from mixing up front and rear sights). I have green, blue, red, orange, and yellow tubes, my favorite being the green front dot and the rear sight having 2 yellow dots with a green bar below the notch (I believe they only make green bars) On the other hand the Trijicons are MUCH MUCH brighter, and are MUCH MUCH easier to pick up in low light situations.
Therefore, IMHO I prefer the Trijicons. Lastly, in most night type situations, you most likely will be point shooting at close distances making any sights a moot point. And, remember, if it's too dark to make out your sights, it might be too dark to verify your target. Sorry for the long windedness!!!