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July 23, 2005, 08:40 PM
Hey guys,

I just acquired a Remington-Rand 1911a1, us property marked. The serial number is 1319***. I was wondering if someone could help me with a date of manufacture and possibly a rough estimate of value. I would say that it is in very good condition and still tight. It does have some holster wear.



July 24, 2005, 08:46 AM
The value is greatly dependent upon originality of parts and finish.
You are off to a good start, since the SN is an RR number from 1943.
There are ways to tell who made the hammer and mainspring housing by examining the checkering or serrations, for example. Also, RR subcontracted the manufacture of barrels and magazines, so the maker's mark should be stamped on these parts.

Here's a site that may help.
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There it is.

T. O'Heir
August 6, 2005, 08:49 PM
Hi. Go here, scroll down to the list, click on 'Automatic(M1911, etc), fill the S/N and it'll give you the date. http://www.armscollectors.com/srs.htm'
The value depends entirely on condition and where you are.