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Harry Bonar
July 20, 2005, 10:10 PM
Dear Shooters:
I have a confession to make - I just about screwed up a Browning Hi-Power I own. As a matter of fact from my perspective I did!
It regards the slide.
I "matte" the top of my slides and that went fine - then I cut a border along the matting and the sides of slide - that went fine, BUT, on the front where the front turns in (UNLIKE THE 1911) a graver tool must continue that border around that "turn in" of the slide.
I made what I'd call a thorough mess of it! Yes, I finally straightened it up but was really unhappy with myself. I am NO engraver, or artist, or can't even can't spell engraver!
I will never try it again - I'll leave the top of Browning slides un-matted. :confused: :eek: :o Harry B.

July 20, 2005, 11:04 PM
Hah, thanks for the confession.

I'll join you so you're not alone, you know, Animal Farm style. ;-)

The first time I fitted a 1911 thumb safety was because I broke the "left hand" safety off my Kimber Ultra CDP II, which had an ambi thumb safety.

I bought a Wilson thumb safety and since I only had a 1/4" round file in the shop, it (and only it) is what I used. Man, was that thing UGLY when I was done. And thumbing the safety up or down was a real workout. And forget using the left hand side of the safety to engage - I only had the strength in my left thumb to disengage it!