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July 16, 1999, 10:54 AM

Looking for any info from someone who has used the Optima 2000 red dot sight.

Thinking about getting one to put on a Glock 35 to use in USPSA.

Like to hear any comments, good or bad.


July 19, 1999, 06:42 AM
It appears there may be 3 generations of the Optima at this point. ?

A friend who has had 2 has had nothing but problems with them.

The first one would not keep zero and the lens was fuzzy or unclear.

The second one after returning the first to Tasco was better. ?? But he still had problems.

I still thought the second one afforded an unclear picture. It looked like someone had applied a film of oil to the lens.

I haven't seen a "new" Optima but I've read that owners are happy with them. Maybe they don't know any better or what to be happy or unhappy with.

I personally like the C-More sight. I have two on Glocks, a 34 and a 35.

The C-More is a rugged, proven design and it's light weight for it's size which is small compared to some of the other popular red dot sights.


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Futo Inu
July 19, 1999, 05:13 PM
My experience so far has been bad, but I'm giving them an opportunity to make it right before trashing them, as I promised them.

If they do or don't, I'll tell you all about it at that time - good or bad.

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July 20, 1999, 08:49 AM
I have been hearing alot about the earlier versions having cloudy vision problems. My question would then be how can you tell the diffrent generations so I can get the most recent and most problem free one.

Any ideas on how to tell them apart? Do they look diffrent or are they labeled some how.


July 24, 1999, 09:36 AM
I've had both the newer model (junk) and what appears to be the latest one, the newer one has a brighter dot so you don't need to go the two battery way and the sight adjustment is done by turning only one hex head screw instead of two, it is by far a better optic, have had mine for about 4 months and shot maybe 8-10,000 rounds thru the .38 super and have had no trouble with it, if your having a problem with a foggy dot might want to check what your using on the lens or sometimes the dot itself gets a little oil on it and I'll just spray a little glass cleaner on it an blow it off.
C-more verus Optima? two different types of dots, I like the Optima but its probably just a matter of choice, both are nice.

Futo Inu
August 6, 1999, 10:21 AM
OK, Tasco is cool. They replaced the old crappy Optima for the new kind with a single windage-adjustment screw at no charge. As for the mount, that's a whole other story. The first mount I got was for thin-slide Glocks - Midway's fault. Then Tasco replaced for the right one at no charge. But the second one was defective. So they also replaced it at no charge -BUT, the replacement they send was once again the wrong one - thin-slide version. I refuse to wait again for a fourth try, so I just dremeled the edge curves "flat" and mounted it - works good, but doesn't look as good as it could with the proper mount. As for the "blurriness" of the dot, I don't think this can be fixed. I wiped the glass and the dot itself to no avail. The dot is just going to stay a little less-than-clearly-defined at the edges. For a pistol/7MOA, who cares? If you're mounting a 3.5MOA on a rifle or carbine, this would not be acceptable in my view. I didn't notice that the dot was any brighter with the new optima, though I suppose I may have had a mid-range production model before that fixed one problem but not the other.

All in all, Tasco gets a happy face for customer service, even though they appear to have started making & selling these before thorough testing - greedy, yes, but if they make it right when you complain, what's the harm?

As for longevity/durability, I have no idea. Check back with me after a few thousand rounds (for me, 6 months or more unfortunately).

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