View Full Version : Scope for .44 mag pistol?

Billy Boy
July 20, 1999, 08:11 AM
Wanted to get some input as to what might be the best scope to mount on a S&W 629DX pistol. Obviously looking for one that will withstand the beating it will take from the recoil. Any ideas are welcome.

Rob Pincus
July 20, 1999, 10:30 AM
I have had good luck with a Bausch & Lomb Elite 3000 2-6x on my 629 Power Port. I have fired about 100 rounds through it so far and had no deviation. I'll be hunting with this configuration later this year and will likely report any interesting developments here.

July 20, 1999, 04:04 PM
I'm using a Leupold on a Super Redhawk for years now with no problems.

July 20, 1999, 05:29 PM
I have a Leupold M8-2x20mm EER on my Desert Eagle. It has taken a beating and is holding up well.

July 24, 1999, 09:32 AM
If money is no object, then Leupold is the best. I usually pick second best, as money, or should I say "the lack of money", is an object with me. I have been happy with my Burris scopes on rifle and handguns. I have a Burris 2.5 X 7 power on a single shot .358 Winchester handgun, which has considerable recoil, and so far no problem with the scope.