View Full Version : M14/M1 mags

July 11, 1999, 01:34 PM
Can someone tell me where i can get good M14/M1 magazines?

July 11, 1999, 01:49 PM
I would like to know myself,,,,,but I did see several at this weekends gun show still in the wrap for $44.00 ea. .....Im hoping to find them for a little less.....with some looking and waiting I was able to find 17 20rd ar mags for $6.50 ea........good luck..fubsy.

4V50 Gary
July 12, 1999, 02:38 AM
Last time I checked, CMP was still selling them new and used. I think the limit was two of each type per year. Check out their website for more info:

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

July 13, 1999, 12:44 PM
Thanks for the help folks. I just got the latest issue of Gun List, there are some in it, but they are expensive. Looks like im gonna have to bite the bullet and buy a few.

p.s. Springfield Armory wants 80+ bucks for their pre-ban mags....WHEW!