View Full Version : [REQ]KG-9/Tec-9 Pictures

July 17, 2005, 04:21 AM
Hello, I am wondering if anyone has access to or owns a KG-9 or Tec-9 that they'd be willing to take a couple photographs of. I know that sounds kind of demanding and there's not much payoff to doing it, but, er...it would be really helpful for me.

Reason is because I'm trying to make a 3d model (computerized, not physical) of a KG-9 that is as accurate as possible. I've had an easy time finding side profile views of the gun -- but I can't find any above, underside, front, or back shots. Shots of the magazine would be nice too. In fact, just about any detailed shots would be nice.

This is kind of just a shot in the dark. If you want to help -- thanks. I understand that it's kind of rude to make a request like this on my first post -- but there's only so much Google can do for me. This seemed like place where'd I'd have the most luck. Also, if you want to let me know about any quirky things about the gun that aren't apparent from pictures, it'd be nice. :) Here's what I've been using as my main reference, by the way --

http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/6240/kg916ry.th.jpg (http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kg916ry.jpg)
http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/2315/kg928rl.th.jpg (http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kg928rl.jpg)