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October 14, 1998, 07:19 AM
Curious to see what other forum members are carrying as part of their personal daily gear.

For example, I carry a Glock 26 every day, sometimes a Glock 19.
I carry in any combination of methods, depending on dress or situational requirements, which include:

Galco Ankle Glove
Eagle Weapons Fanny Pack
IWB or Belt Slide Kydex Holsters from Ky-Tac
Eagle Mk III SAS holster (thigh rig)

I always carry at least one knife, lately a large Sebenza, but sometimes a smaller blade as well.

For around the area in casual clothing in hot South FL weather, a neck knife may come in handy.

Well, you guys get the idea. Let's hear about your daily "mission essential" gear whether it be "on the job" or just walking around.


Mark THG
October 14, 1998, 01:04 PM
I tend to carry either a Glock 19 or 30. Sometimes I carry an officers 1911. I can use virtually any holster form my line. Visit my web site http://www.gunsandgold.com

October 14, 1998, 04:02 PM
I pack my HK USP .40 in a Galco Concealable. Which makes my big ugly HK dissapear even when under a light shirt. The one thing that always goes with me, even into the post office when my gun can't, is one of my little pocket knives. I have several. Emerson Commander, Spyderco Police, CRKT KISS and the STIFF KISS around my neck some times, Benchmade Sentinel, Benchmade AFCK, or EK Agent boot knife. I ALWAYs have a blade with me when I am wearing clothes. I buy about 10 knives to every gun I get. Call me Sick in the head - thats good ammo money I'm spending! I know, but when I shoot, I have a student in tow, and he or she has bought my ammo aka Class Material Fee ( basically all I charge, because some people feel strange taking a class that doesn't cost anything ).

October 14, 1998, 07:06 PM
Blues! Glad to see you here!

I used to carry a neat little LWS32, tucked just behind my wallet, until a very dear friend fell in lust over it and cajoled me to part with it. Now I usually carry an Officer's Model or 1991A1 Compact tucked in my belt, cross-draw or small of my back, depending on my activity. Sometimes, when I'm actually wearing a jacket, I'll use an old Jackass rig (now called a Galco Miami Vice). When I'm putzing around in the north woods or one of the two continental divides, I'm fond of an old S&W 1955 that sports a 625 cylinder in .45 Colt. This also goes in a Galco MV, or an old Safariland 101.

I too am a staunch believer in carrying blades. Usually a Victrinox (sp) Camper (circa 80) and a large Sebenza.

Also have a distrust of dark places, so have always carried a mini-mag, and lately a Sure Fire

October 14, 1998, 07:41 PM

Thanks for the welcome.

Sounds like you're well prepared.

I have a Sure-Fire 6z in the gun bag, but I take that out as needed.

I always keep a couple of the photon micro-lights in my pockets for anytime use.


I own several of the same knives. My large Sebenza is my newest, but I tend to rotate my knives on a daily basis for the fun of it.

Tomorrow is "qualifications" day for this quarter, so at least I get to go out and play for a few hours. http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/wink.gif


October 16, 1998, 08:19 AM
A different knife every day, me too... but I found I have been wearing certain knives with different outfits... My wife not so gently pointed it out to me not too long ago, that I am worse than she is with me wardrobe, matching shoes, boots, belts, holsters, sheaths... but then cover it up with a jacket or loose shirt. She was very amused, saying, she dressed up to show off, I dressed up, to just hide every thing. That made a good point. W need to make sure we always be very careful to DRESS UP, just right... some out fits cover up some of my rigs better than others... have to remember which garb hides which gear best.

Rich Lucibella
October 16, 1998, 09:50 AM
Firearms: Gunsite Colt LW Officer's, Gunsite Colt LW Commander, Glock 29 or Glock 27, in order of frequency. One spare mag.

Edged tools: Mad Dog Pygmy ATAK II or large Sebenza in order of frequency; sometimes both.

Light Sources: Photon micro, Surefire 3Z, Surefire 6Z, in order of frequency.

When attending church, weddings, funerals and HCI functions (not!): Just the Mad Dog MiniShrike.

When in foreign countries (like MA, NY and CA): Just a Mad Dog Panther or Cheetah and CaneMasters Cane.

When on motorcycle: Add one Leatherman Wave or Swisstool.

October 16, 1998, 04:02 PM

I knew we were friends for a reason. http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/wink.gif



Liked your response. That is so true.

Rich Lucibella
October 16, 1998, 04:24 PM
Blues- Great minds think alike?

Mykl: And might I say the Seecamp you've referenced (the one that used to belong to you), fits right nice in my wallet pocket.
Silver tongued devil that I am! http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/wink.gif


Rob Pincus
October 16, 1998, 04:27 PM
I rely heavily on my truck.
I keep the flashlight, an extra firearm (lately a Ruger Speed Six, I don't care if it gets rusty in my glovebox.. it'll still work) extra mags for my Glock .40s, basic tools, a buck knife, and often a shotgun behind the seat in there.

Depending on what I am wearing Iwill usually carry one of three rigs:

1. Glock 23 or 30 in either a Galco SOB, bladetech RH hip, either company's IWB holster holster or a Yaqui Slide.

2. Beretta single action .25 in the pocket when I have no other options.

3. Clark Caspian Meltdown .40 S&W in a Galco Yaqui Slide.

When I'm on my motorcycle I carry a Beretta Tomcat .32 in the breast pocket of my riding jacket with an Ahern pocket holster to keep the right end up.

of course, I have been known to slip a Colt Mustang or a PPK in a shoulder holster for formal affairs, loaded with Glasers, lest I overpentrate and wound the rich & famous.

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October 16, 1998, 04:38 PM
Darn, I didn't even talk about what I carry on my motorcycle, not that it changes much.

The Eagle Weapons Fanny Pack shines on the motorcycle, allowing quick access to Glock or blade of choice.

Good to know we have fellow riders here, Rich.


October 17, 1998, 02:59 AM
I'm new here so bear with me. I tend to carry one gun for daily wear,these days it's a Glock 21 with the grip reduced to match the 30. I will still carry the 30 at times. Knives are a spyderco rescue, spyderco wayne goddard, gerber bolt action and a mini leatherman. The last two do the mundane chores. Then theres the min-imag and the 6z. All of the above, every day. My wife complains it takes me longer to get ready for the quick store run than the run itself. But a least I know well get back home. Oh yeah, can't forget the kuboton!

October 17, 1998, 10:54 AM
Every day I carry a Glock 23 in a Mad Dog Kydex Thumb Break holster or occasionally in a Safariland 3004 holster. If an occasion warrants dressing a certain way, I'll sometimes carry a G26/27 in an Alessi Ankle holster or Eagle Weapons Pack.

For a knife, I usually carry a Mad Dog Mirage X Operator in my right front pocket or an Emerson Commander. I always have my Leatherman PSTII and a Spyderco Experimental II (as a money clip) with me.

I keep a Photon Microlight on my keychain, and typically have a Surefire 3P, 6P, or 6Z readily available.

Blues, unless you want something swinging around and bopping you in the chest every time you move, I'd avoid all but the tiniest of neck knives.

October 17, 1998, 11:02 AM
Hi Hilton,

Nice to see you here, bud.

Hilton, I have fallen in love with the La Griffe I picked up (by Fred Perrin).

What a great little neck knife. You can see them in the article regarding Perrin in the current Knives Illustrated.

I have one that is a little longer than the shape shown (a semi tanto is what I'd call it) and the grip is phenomenal. This little gem is sharp and tough.

Also, it is hardly noticeable due to its flat shape and skeletonized handle.

The hole for the forefinger makes the grip very secure.

Have you seen or tried one? I think you'd like it.

Not for every occasion, but lends itself well to South Florida climes.

(I wrote a short review on the two knife/blade forums).


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October 17, 1998, 10:21 PM
Daily carry: SIG220/Jim Burke pancake, work or play.

October 19, 1998, 02:53 PM
A glock 23 riding in a blade-tech iwb with spare mag. I just got a taylor t-bolt that I'll start using when it gets colder. Also a benchmade emerson cqc7 or sentinel. Trying to get the wife to buy me a surefire 6-z for christmas. byerly

October 20, 1998, 03:54 PM
Does blade tech make an IWB for an HK USP full size 40?

October 20, 1998, 07:25 PM
I was thinking about holsters here and I really cant think of a better maker for civilian carry than Galco for leather. Galcos give you the best value - high quality for less money. But for duty carry - a different world - Safariland is unbeateble. There holsters are the best quality while at the same time, affordable, functional, and sharp looking. They have anew self locking mechanism - a hood instead of a thumbreak. It is really cool and easy to use. If your on a department that lets you choose your own gear - look at those. Awesome

October 26, 1998, 12:37 PM
I don't carry knives...The Texas CCW permit does not include knives and Texas has some restrictive laws about knives intented for offensive or defensive use.

I carry at Glock 23 and spare clip in a DeSantis black nylon attatche case. This is usually with arms reach. I also have a Walter PPH in a Karmer pocket holster in the attatche case which goes into the side pocket of my pants when I am seperated from the Glock.

I realize that I am not a walking weapons vault but I have a low level of paranoia and stay away from low life people and the places they hang out.

October 27, 1998, 05:29 PM
An Allen Elishewitz Shadow goes with me everywhere as does a Surfire 6Z.

When I do bring a firearm, usually a Combat Commander or Govt. 45ACP in a Bianchi Askin Avenger with a DeSantis double mag pouch, unless I have a somewhat short jacket, in which case I use a Galco Miami shoulder rig.

Tried the Galco NSA, but didn't like the angle and the leather was just a bit too thick for comfort for an IWB, at least to me. YMMV.

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Richard Padgett
October 28, 1998, 02:26 PM
Just joined The Firimg Line specifically to play this game.

In the House:
S&W 642 and Applegate-Covert in Cargo pocket shorts

Out of the house:
Glock G23 in Glock Sport-Slide, spare mag. and Applegate-Covert (Open carry here in AZ as I don't have my CCW yet.)

My wife thinks it's "sexy" when I strap on all my "social hardware" just for a run to the store for milk.

October 30, 1998, 02:26 AM
Ok...I'm a little late on this one...

HK USP 40 Compact either a SOB rig that Mark THG made for me, or a Conceal X high ride that I made while playing with some knife sheaths.

Knife is an Applegate Covert, it has its own place on the SOB holster, with the other lately I have been sliding it in my back pocket next to my wallet.

October 30, 1998, 05:49 PM
Kimber Custom Compact and a Benchmade Stryker. The Stryker goes everywhere while I sometimes have to make due without the Kimber. Modes of carry depend on outfit and include Blade Tech IWB, with spare mag and 6P in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, Bianchi Fanny Pack, Galco Miami Classic.

As for not being able to carry a knife in TX, If I remember the law correctly anything (not automatic) with a blade length less than 4.5 in. is legal. Will have to check the lenght tonight to make sure though.

Tony N
November 8, 1998, 12:01 AM
Glock M19,M26 or S&W 642 in a custom belt scabbards or IWBs.
Spare mag or speedloader in pouch or pocket.
(Got a bitchen alligator dual mag pouch in progress I'll send you a picture of Rich)
Spyderco Police.
Surefire 3p or 6p.

Rich Lucibella
November 8, 1998, 09:02 AM
Looking forward to seeing the latest in the Tony N Steely Eyed Dealer of Death reptilian accessories :).

November 8, 1998, 11:10 AM
Either a Colt Commander or a Springfield Ultra Compact V-10. I use a Galco Concealable or Safariland 5181. Galco (some nameless model) mag carrier.

November 9, 1998, 11:02 AM
Listed in frequency of carry: Kimber LW Compact, Glock 23, Glock 27 (when I can pry it away from my wife). I carry in Sparks IWB holster with a spare mag. I almost always have a Sure-Fire 6Z on me, in my briefcare, or in the car.

I always carry a small Spyderco folder. I'm looking to purchase a larger folder and am considering Emerson's Commander, Specwar E2-A, and Crawford's Kasper folder. I see that a number of you also like Reeves large folder. As I fly frequently, the folder will have to be able to pass easily through security (I'm always late). Comments on selection would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff White
November 9, 1998, 08:46 PM
SW 3914 in Milt Sparks Executive Companion, Beretta 21A in Milt Sparks pocket holster (don't remember the name & can't find my catalog right now) in weak side pants pocket, and Benchmade CQC-7 clipped to pocket on strong side.

Clay Whitehead
November 9, 1998, 11:45 PM
Carry pistol varies with the activity. It can be a G-17, S&W 3914 or OMC Backup (yes, it's a pre AMT and it shoots just fine)The battered ex-Chinese High Power or S&W M-10 go along in the woods.

Most holsters are Orca nylon IWB design with an Orca pouch. The mag pouch for the Glock has a spot for the 6-P.

Knives aren't fancy. A Victoinox Tinker, Benchmade 402 with the half serrated Weehawk blade and a Leatherman go most everywhere. They made my Gerber Mark-I illegal here in Washington so I just look at it now and then.

The S&W 3914 and the Browning serve as "truck guns". If things look serious, the 870 or Olympic PCR-5 come out.

November 15, 1998, 07:21 PM
I carry a Taurus PT-911 every day. On work days (I perform claim inspections for insurance co's) I carry it cross draw in a small belt pack similar to the phoney cell phone case sold in gun rags. I also carry some work tools in a second compartment so it looks like a tool bag. Weekends are usually covered with a generic fanny pack. However, today I tried a LH IWB on the right hip, I'm right handed, and this setup allows me to draw the weapon without twisting my arm around. It worked very well.
Only knife I carry is a Swiss Army. Need it every day.

November 17, 1998, 12:23 PM
Since crime is practically nonexistant out here in this rural/small town area, I just keep an old Police Positive .38 in the truck glove box, and a Smith 4" model 10 on the nightstand. There's also an old 870 nearby with 3 rounds of buck in the mag.

If I have to go down to Atlanta metro area, I carry a 3" model 36 in an IWB holster I made myself. In really hot weather I just stick a 950 Beretta in a nylon pocket holster and hope nothing goes wrong. I have tried carrying a 2 1/2" model 66 in a Don Hume rig, but it's too thick to be comfortable inside the waistband, so I'm thinking about replacing the 36 with a small frame DAO .357. As you can see, I favor revolvers, although I do have a Colt Govt. model and a Makarov .380. I once had a collection of Colt pocket semiautos, .25s, .32s, .380s, and even an old .38ACP parallel-rule pocket model. Unfortunately, I lost interest and sold them off piecemeal. Stupid move.

As for knife, I always have a little Victorinox with me, and usually carry an old Gerber lockback when I'm in the woods. At my age (61 and with physical problems), I don't think I would be too effective in a knife encounter, but then I can't run very well either. Actually, those sound like good reasons to carry a gun all the time don't they? Better start shopping around for that little .357 I guess.

December 6, 1998, 01:01 AM
Since I am supposed to be unarmed in my job (state recommendation, not a requirement)., I usually have a S&w642 in a DeSantis Apache ankle holster, an AFCK,
and a [email protected] 6Z. In my briefcase (by Dillon Precision) I carry a Novak-tuned S&W 457, extra clips, speedloaders for the 642 and a Leatherman original muli-tool. I also have room for Punch II pepper spray. Hope this helps.

December 6, 1998, 01:58 AM
No one has mentioned how they carry extra magazines, if any. Of all the stuff I find the extra magazines are the most problematic. I have yet to find a concealable magazine pouch that I like although right now I'm considering trying a Dillon or Andrews because of the extra leather to keep the base edges from gouging. Anyone have suggestions?


December 7, 1998, 03:30 AM

I have found quite a bit of problem with carrying extra mags as well. I use Bladetech's Kydex magazine pouch. One time I was playing with my kid. I lunged for him and out came my spare magazine clip. If I can lose it during a simplle rough-housing.. well, you know. So, anyways, I am reverting back to duty pouches such as Safariland, complete with flaps and snaps. It's slows me down considerably, but frankly, I find it better than losing my gear. That is, unless someone else has a better idea?

December 7, 1998, 09:34 AM
I use Galco clip-ons for my single stack magazines, they're deep enough to hold the mags securely, but still have enough sticking out the top to perform a reload without having to think about it.

December 13, 1998, 09:24 PM
Daily carry is a P7 PSP, in a Rosen ARG with mag pouch. SUREFIRE 6P in either the coat or back pants pocket. Knife is either a CQC-7 or an AFCK, sometimes both. LWS32 rides backup.

December 14, 1998, 09:05 PM
Normal daily carry --- goes on when I dress and comes off when I undress, Colt Commander or GM or Para P 12, in a Sparks Summer Special, or Sparks 55BN OWB. Sparks or other mag pouches. Summer, often carry a H&KP7M8 in an Alessi IWB holster. Always carry extra magazine. Always carry a Wather TPH in a Null pocket holster. Always carry Benchmade knife, Spyderco knife, and a Leatherman tool, and a Micro Leatherman. Always one small light -- Streamlight or similar. Also, one small camera. When bike riding, Kel Tec, and Benchmade, and can of OC. Do I expect trouble? Yes. Do I know when/what? No. If I knew when or what, I would go on vacation! GLV

Rob Pincus
December 14, 1998, 09:21 PM

As noted above, I keep the extra mags in my truck. The truck is where I keep most of the "extras." Occasionally, I will have an extra mag in a coat pocket (winter coat) or a fanny pack, but I can't justify carrying an extra mag on my body most of the time.

By the time I put my ID, a lighter and some cash in my pockets, put on my watch, holster, firearm, knife, and a firearm I feel like I am pretty well equipped.
God Bless those of you who carry practically as much as I do when on patrol.
Are you guys giving an example of "sometimes" or everyday?
How do you deal with going out to eat, where you will be taking your coat off?


December 15, 1998, 12:19 AM
I carry a Fullsize H&K USP .45 in an Uncle Mikes Beltslide or sholder holster with two spare mags in a Safariland paddle mag pouch. A Surefire 6P rides in a Blackhawk horizantal belt pouch, a Spyderco Police never leaves my side, and an ASP key defender kubaton/oc/key flail.
If I am out to pick up a skip,I take the same along with a 14" M1, and Safariland cover 6 plus. Not been let down yet.( Don't over look the Pneu-Gun)

December 15, 1998, 05:43 PM
I am almost embarrassed to say this, but I completely forgot about the retention screw on my Bladetech spare mag holder until I read it in a Gunsite catalog that came in my mailbox today. So, I tightened that thing as tight as I can, and am back to using it again.

December 15, 1998, 11:30 PM

I too have compromised before and placed a spare mag in the driver's door map pouch in my Miata but I'd still like to be able to carry one on my belt where it didn't feel like it was pointing away from my body suitable for IPDA or IPSC instead of concealment.

I didn't mention my carry stuff earlier so here goes:
- choice of BHP in Kramer IWB, Commander sized 45ACP in Andrews IWB, "chopped" BHP mexican carry, or Kel-Tec P11 with factory belt clip
- choice of Elsihewitz M5 Omega, EDI Genesis I, or Reeve large Sebenza folder
- choice of Spyderco Moran in Edge-Works slip sheath, Simonich talonite Wambli in crossdraw, Elishewitz Mission in weakside IWB, or Hielsher custom ranch in leather crossdraw

Two knives, one gun and usually no spare mag.


December 16, 1998, 07:21 PM
Rob -
In answer to your question at the end of your last post to Bald1:
Here in the otherwise great state of Virginia we cannot carry in places which serve alcohol, period. So in those instances, I plan ahead and do the best I can with non-firearm options. If I am going somewhere which does not serve alcohol, usually where I eat anyways, I make sure my LWS32 is in a pocket if leaving the coat on is not an option. However the real trick is to use a fanny pack or a briefcase or shoulder bag. Admittedly with the last two the firearm is off the body which is not good, but at least it is close to me! One reason I like the snaploop and velcro rigs for IWB carry, easy off to put elsewhere.

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Rob Pincus
December 16, 1998, 08:26 PM
Indeed, ATM. I had a snap-loop bladetech IWB on with my G23 monday when I took the baby to see Santa. WE decided to eat at the mall, which I wasn't expecting, so I had to make a quick trip to the men's room and put the gun and holster into the chest pocket of my coat.
I sometimes evny my wife her galco purses...then I remember the speed drills at the range. Those damn things are even slower than fanny packs....


December 16, 1998, 11:00 PM
Normal carry- 45 Commander in a Dillon LTD sometimes for like quick trips to the store I'll just tuck it in my waistband in a mexican carry. Warm weather- Colt Det. Spl. in a Milt Sparks Summer Special. For those times where social or other considerations make carrying a gun awkward or frowned upon- there's usually a PSP 25 tucked in a pocket.

Mark THG
December 24, 1998, 03:53 PM

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June 18, 1999, 02:33 PM
Colt 1911 Goverment worked over by The Action Works in a Rosen ARG or a S&W 442 in a Kramer pocket holster or a Null sholder holster.

Always have a 6P and a Spyderco or Benchmade along also, sometimes more than one

Looking at a Blade-Tech or somthing similar for IDPA and general outdoor open carry when 4 wheeling/camping/fishing/hunting/shooting. Plus will use the Kydex when repelling and other tactical uses when the issue 9mm Beretta just does not make the cut. Then out comes the old worked over Remington Rand 1911

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June 19, 1999, 01:50 PM
everyday wear...Ruger SP-101 2 1/4" bbl in .357) in a Mitch Rosen "Workman".

Heavier clothing...HK USP40 in a Mitch Rosen beltslide

hunting/hiking...HK (as above) or a Ruger Super Blackhawk (4" bbl) in a Mitch Rosen "Sport" holster

All are used w/ a Mitch Rosen belt and are accompanied by a Benchmade 970

Jim V
June 21, 1999, 04:18 PM
Daily carry, most of the time: 1911A1 modified by me.

Holster: Anderson Shopkeeper's (copied by Lou Alessi)
Magazine pouch: Alessi dbl. snap on with the bullet noses to the rear when worn on the left side. (also have an Alessi single pouch that I use at times)

Non 1911A1 carry day - time: AMT DAO .45 Backup in an Aker pocket holster.

Ne Conjuge Nobiscum

June 22, 1999, 07:38 AM
Everyday dress wear:
Taurus 85UL in a Galco Ankle Glove. 5 rounds in a dump pouch.

Casual wear:

Colt 1991A1 Compact in a low ride version of the Alessi Talon Plus. 1 or 2 spare mags.


Kahr K9 in a Milt Sparks SS-2. 1 or 2 spare mags.

Futo Inu
June 25, 1999, 03:30 PM
--City, Daytime, Work: Glock 30 (.45) with Ashley Express Big Dot sights, in Blade-Tech Paddle with speed cut.

--City, Evenings, Casual: Glock 30 in fanny pack.

--City, Daytime or Evening Social, high-risk area: Glock 27 (.40 s&w) in Blade-Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster.

--City, Daytime or Evening Social, low-risk area: Glock 30 in Bayer Arms phone facade CIPS holster.

--Jogging/Sports: Glock 27 in Active Body Holster Co's Sport Belly Band.

--Outdoors/Hiking: Glock 29 (10mm) with 5.5" Bar-Sto and G20 hicaps in Glock Sport/Combat beltslide.

--In and out of post office, courthouse, schools, and while drinking: Outdoor Edge pocket folder and good shoes to run like hell if need be.

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July 1, 1999, 12:37 AM
Normally, I carry a Kimber stainless Gold Match in a leather strongside IWB holster(handmade for me by an old holstermaker I met at a show). Carry a spare mag in a Milt Sparks IWB mag pouch.
Also, clothing permitting, carry a Smith Centennial Airweight in my front pocket and a speed strip in the opposite pocket.