View Full Version : ProPoint Optima 2000 (mount problem)

Futo Inu
June 24, 1999, 11:21 AM
Ordered and recieved a PP Optima 2000. Then ordered "Glock mount" for same (no other specs shown when ordering) from Midway.

The mount arrives today; says it "Fits Glock Series 17, 17L, 17C, 19, 19C, 22, 22C, 23, 23C, 24". Then Midway tells me there is no mount made for the 20/21/29/30. (This is for a 29). Hmmmmm. So,

-Does anyone know whether this mount will work anyway?
-Where, How to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot.

June 24, 1999, 01:56 PM
Since the mount fits in the dovetail of the rear sight I would say that yes it should fit. As far as I know, Glock does not make two different rear sights which means they are all the same.


Futo Inu
June 24, 1999, 08:33 PM
Figured it out. The "Oppom22" glock mount is for all 9mm/40/357sig glocks (thin-slide), but the "Oppom26" is for the fatter 10mm/45s. Tasco said the thinner mount would work on a 20/21/29/30, but it wouldn't look aesthetically pleasing because it wouldn't be seamless with the side of the slide. Midway screwed up by just showing "Optima 2000 Mount - Glock", without showing the distinction between the models. Otherwise I've been very pleased with Midway. Their search feature at the website catalog works extremely well.