View Full Version : Rifle Scope Magnification???

June 23, 1999, 06:43 PM
Have been using iron sights but now I am interested in a scope for my Springfield M1A. My question is what type of magnification is sufficient for target shooting at 500 yrds or less? I just want to be able to see the bullet holes clearly.

P.S. Any recommendations for the type of scope mounts for the M1A is appreciated.

Thank you.

June 23, 1999, 08:26 PM
Springfield Armory has a line of scopes made for them by Haako in Japan. They have 30mm tubes and range finding reticles. The price is reasonable for what you get. I have one on my Steyr SSG Match rifle. I use the U.S. Optics 10x on my AR-10T but only shoot to about 300 yards with it. If you want some high magnification scopes check out Nightforce, a buddy has the 42x version on his Barrett Light 50. They are also made by Haako.