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June 22, 1999, 04:36 PM
Well here is a company who has lost all my business.

Advanced Specialty Products, Inc (www.aspila.com)

June 4th Sent an e-mail to check on availability of Blade-Tech IWB holster for Glock 30. They stated in return e-mail in stock. Called them on the phone later in the day (my dime, no 800 number), verified it was in stock and ordered. They said would ship on Monday (the 7th).

June 10th The holster is charged to my VISA.

June 15th Wondering where my holster was, I sent them an e-mail. Was never answered.

June 18th Called on the phone, no answer.

June 21st Called on the phone and was told they will check on it and get back to me in the afternoon. Didn't call back.

June 22 Called again and was told it was on backorder. When I told them they said it was in stock when I ordered it, they said "Sorry, they may be in tomorrow". Canceled order and asked them to take the charges off my card.

It is a real shame as I was really wanting to try out a Kydex holster while I wait on my leather from Waldon Holster Co (anxiously waiting)and was planning on ordering PT night sights from Advanced Specialty in the next month or so.

June 22, 1999, 06:45 PM
Try getting Blade-Tech Concealx holster from http://www.prostyleinc.com / I caled their 800 number and had a nice chat <do not rember his name> and then ordered Concealex from them for my 1911. Now to just wait until it arives, should be any day!!!

I also have the PT bar dot on the 1011 Novak lo mount sights. They went dim after about 4 1/2 years. Sent them in and were replaced and upgraded <red dots added on the side of the green bar> for less than $50.00 total. Really happy with them :) http://www.ptnightsights.com /