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Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
June 2, 1999, 01:33 AM
On the previous posts regarding holsters, no one recommended Hellweg. Is that because Hellweg stinks or is it because no one has had experience with that company?

Due to the many good reports on this BBS, I'm leaning towards getting a Blade Tech. However, I'm interested in Hellweg (K-series) because of the angle and drop adjustments.

The holster will be for a Colt Delta Elite (10MM).



Joe 543
June 2, 1999, 08:37 AM
I have heard nothing but good remarks! I have been waiting for Hellweg to get off thier lazy behinds and make a K series for a SIG P226. Unfortunately, they only come is size Glock or 1911........


June 7, 1999, 06:05 PM
I've only seen an older Hellwig tactical paddle holster a friend had. Seemed well made but was heavy and didn't seem to fit what I wanted in a CCW holster..

June 8, 1999, 08:02 AM
I have a Hellweg beltslide for my Kahr K9. It's well made and the gun to holster fit is great. Funny thing is, the break in period of this holster didn't have anything to do with the way the gun fit the holster. The ears where the belt slots are were very stiff and the holster was uncomfortable the first couple of times I wore it. I wore it most of last Sunday at an IDPA match and never had a bit of problems with it.

J.P. Gonzalez
June 18, 1999, 10:26 AM
I have a Tac C that I used at Thunder Ranch recently. It was great no problems with clean draws and it held my Commander well.
I saw many Blade-Tech holsters in use, by some of the instructors, and my classmates. They also worked well, the only discouraging remark was the Blade-Tech was a little rough on the gun finish. My Hellwig with the roo-skin marked my ss slide but did not abrade it.