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June 5, 1999, 11:22 AM
I ordered this knife either wednesday or thursday (I forgot) and it arrived friday afternoon. Very fast. I recomend ABC DIRECT for ordering any Edged tools you may need.

The Culloden is a slick little knife - in a traditional Scottish design. I have seen them both half this size, and more than double this size. The blade is about 5 inches, and the grip is 4 inches... seems backwards - but its not. The rubber grip locks up good in your hand - it wont slip... And a good thing too - the blade is freaky sharp. The sharpest out of the box I have had from some one other than Spyderco.
It comes with an IWB sheath, that holds the knife snug against the body. It is a good set up. It also makes a great boot knife.

This feeds my Celtic Ego in a good way. Love it.

ABC Direct can be found here:

Good stuff, and with the best customer service in the knife business that I have seen.


Mike Baugh
June 6, 1999, 03:22 PM
Kodiac , I was reading your post about your new knife and decided I had better pick one up also . Did you get the serrated or plain edge ? Did they use their rubber material on the handle or did they use something different ? Thanks for your time , Mike...

June 8, 1999, 01:16 PM
Hey Mike,
No problem... Cold Steel puts Krayton Rubber on these blades... Its good stuff, but can be damaged by chemicals... very grippy.
I chose a plain edged - the Scotts didn't serrate there edges.


June 12, 1999, 12:08 AM
Bought my first Cold Steel Tanto a few years back and loved it. I still think they have the best for the money. One problem. I was so pleased that I also bought kitchen knives by Cold Steel. They are so sharp my wife won't use them and I have to do all the cutting with them.If she knew how happy I am using them I'll bet she wouldn't think I was so wonderful because of helping her in the kitchen.

June 15, 1999, 12:13 PM
From: Ivan8883 6-15-99 105 PM EDT Guys, I dont know if you like liner lockm type knives, but Cold Steel has two good defensive knives that I have : the Big Gunsite and new Scimitar which has a 4 inch curved blade. Lockup on both knives is solid and they are like small swords where if you have to you may slash and run! Ivan

June 15, 1999, 04:49 PM
I also like the Vaquero series.

I have a "Large" version - with a 5 inch blade - instead of the Grande's 6 inch blade.

It is big, solid, and freaky sharp. I like it alot. The curvy blade is pretty sexy, and the recurve gives it some great shearing potential. In you hand - you just HAVE to look for something to cut up!

I am now wanting a small El Hombre - wich is basically the same, but PC sized with a pocket clip.