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Futo Inu
June 7, 1999, 06:33 PM
Perhaps you knowledgeable folks on TFL will know the answer to this dilemma. Any help would be greatly appreciated:

I want to sell a Glock 21, only shot about 150 rounds. It came new in '95 with an "Applied Laser Systems" mini laser sight, which is integral like a Crimson Trace - only difference is the on/off is via a pressure pad rather than a "positive" click-on button. Very small & very nice laser. Unit is about 1/2" long on middle of front of trigger guard; batteries in the rear of grip. It worked very well for the first few thousand times I played with it. Then it started to require a harder and harder squeeze of the pressure pad - the pad was "going out". Then it finally went all the way out, so the laser no longer turns on. But I happen to know the laser would work fine if the pressure pad were replaced. But no potential buyer is going to believe that. So I have to "fix it up" for the sale. ALS (the maker) is out of business - this is verified. Crimson Trace told me that all they could do is install their complete system "over it" and charge me full price - they can fly a kite on that. So, bottom line, where can I buy a pressure pad to replace the worn one, and can an ordinary competent gunsmith install such a thing? The two wires exit at the base of the trigger guard. Thank you kind sirs and siresses in advance.


BTW, just in case any members are interested in buying this pistol on the cheap without this repair, please see the for sale post in Buy, Sell, Trade at TFL. This would be a good deal if you're a fixer-upper with the know-how.

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Scott Evans
June 8, 1999, 07:52 AM
Futo Inu,

I do not want to split hairs here but I do need to be consistent. “For Sale” postings need to be placed in the for sale area. I realize that your post is gear related and the mention of the sale is relevant to your question. However, When you start listing price, “new / never used” and such it is better placed in the “For Sale section”. Next time ask the question related to the gear here (as you did), mention that the item is listed in the for sale section and post the particulars of the sale there.

Thanks much,


to locate, close with and …

August 1, 2009, 07:35 PM
Did you determine what battery is used in the Applied Laser Systems laser on your Glock? I have a Glock 23 with the same laser and can't determine what batteries are used in the handle.

August 1, 2009, 09:11 PM
Shouldn't be terribly tricky to replace the switch.