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May 25, 1999, 09:25 AM
Just picked up a Deep Cover Belly Band yesterday at the local gunshop, and was I impressed. For those of you not familiar with these types of holsters, they consist of simply a 6” wide doubled piece of elastic with two pockets sewn into the middle. The ends are fastened with about 14” of Velcro.

First off, I didn't know that they were universal, in that they fit 90% of all handguns plus one magazine. Sorry revolver fans, You’ll just have to put that speed loader in your trouser pocket. I carry a E.G. Mak in 9x18 and it fit great (almost like it was made for it!). I was able to strap it around the middle of my torso, and cover it with a tucked in polo shirt. Drawing required two hands, but after some practice, I think it will be reasonably fast. I was also able to strap it around my pelvis, below the waist line, and conceal it with a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt. I actually mowed part of my yard (the push mower and trim part) for about hour, and forgot that it was even there!

I was kinda skeptical at first, because being a larger lad (5’11, 220 – slight beer belly left over from college) I was worried that the belly band wouldn’t conceal properly. Boy was I wrong. This “holster” is great for summer carry, but looses its charm when cooler months roll in and you are able to layer your clothing without looking conspicuous. This is a must for anyone wanting to carry year round.

-Universal Handgun Fit
-Extra Mag Pouch
-Comfortable (!)
-Variety of carry modes (anywhere from below your pits on down)
-Great Concealment w/ minimum cover

-Black in color, concealing clothing must be dark or it will show through
-Magazine pouch not closed at bottom (for longer mags) potential for mag to fall through (doubtful, but possible)
-Price $25, the quality is great, but I hate to say it, as simple as the construction is on this thing, it shouldn't be over $15.


May 25, 1999, 09:59 AM
Thanks for the review! Quick question - how much does your Makarov weigh?

I'm wondering about a Kahr (great guns, but a little heavy) in such a band.

May 25, 1999, 11:12 AM
25.75 oz. - unloaded. You could go quite a bit heavier and still not notice it. I think that the Kahr would be a great canidate for one of these. -SCatt

May 25, 1999, 03:11 PM
I frequently carry my K9 in one -- works very well.

May 25, 1999, 03:20 PM
Down here in Louisiana it's usually pretty warm and humid, which means I seldom wear a jacket or sweater. I've tried all sorts of IWB holsters but could never find anything that really hid the fact that I was armed.
I usually resorted to borrowing my wife's S&W 642 because it's the smallest handgun we have and it was easier to conceal.
I received a satisfaction guaranteed, send-no-money-now mail order offer for one of these belly bands and I figured I had nothing to lose.
I was very satisfied. I can now carry my Glock 27 and a spare mag and you would never know it.

May 26, 1999, 02:41 AM
DeSantis Makes them in white.

May 27, 1999, 02:59 PM
where can I find the Deep Cover Belly Band on the internet?

May 27, 1999, 03:06 PM
<a href="http://www.holster.com/catalog/style60.htm">DeSantis Belly Band</a>

BTW, the web designer is addicted to that friggin' blink tag. Just so you know.

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May 30, 1999, 12:12 AM
What about the "sweat-through" factor with the belly band? I live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and the heat and humidity is also pretty bad here from mid-April to mid-October. So far, I have used mainly kydex IWB holsters because of that factor.

May 30, 1999, 12:50 PM
It does sweat through. I considered that a minor trade-off. The first time I wore it my wife, who knows I always carry when I can, had to tap me down to make sure I was armed.

May 30, 1999, 04:04 PM
Sounds good. Is the pistol carried in front, behind the hip, or carrier's choice?

May 30, 1999, 07:04 PM
anybody out there w/ more belly than swingcatt tried one? do they roll, when you bend over?? sound like a good deal if you live down here in the south.

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Jim V
May 31, 1999, 06:43 AM
Well, I am of a larger diameter than Swingcatt and have used bellybands in the past. My problem was finding one big enough to wrap around my tubby self. I have not had any problem with band roll while using them. I found the best way to use a BB was to NOT wear it around my belly but to position it so it was around my waist at belt level.

Many of the BB's on the market have sweat barriers built in to protect the finish of your Personal Protection Device. I found the greatest advantage to BB's was the fact I could position the PPD just about anywhere, cross draw, behind the hip, or small of the back. (SOB carry is the pits if you have to sit for any period of time on hard chairs.)

As an aside, my first bB was bought in '70 or '71 from a company named MMGR out of New York state. Boy, the stupid stuff I remember.

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May 31, 1999, 09:47 AM
Basically, it's just a big elastic band. Where you want to position your handgun is up to you. I wear mine just slightly ahead of my right hip. You also determine how high you want it to ride.

I am amply proportioned myself, and have had no trouble with slippage or roll.

Just a minor correction on the sweat through factor; the only part of the firearm that seems to get moist is the upper rear slide area which isn't covered by the material. I routinely wipe my gun down with a silicone cloth when I get home and haven't had any problems.

4V50 Gary
June 1, 1999, 10:59 PM
I tried one once. My gun slipped up and out and dropped on the ground. It was either back to the hip rig or gain weight. I'll pass on the latter.

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