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May 6, 1999, 01:10 PM
Hey guys, I need your help. I want to get a spotting scope but don't want to spend more than about $200. Yes. I realize that you get what you pay for, that's my budget! Can anyone recommend one? It's for a 100m range.

I'd like something better than the Tasco $100 ones you see at wally world. How about one twice as good for $200, is there such a thing?

I've been told that Russian optics are a good deal. TAPCO has a Russian scope for $80 that I've been looking at. Anyone know about them?

Thanks in advance,

May 6, 1999, 07:56 PM
Got Tasco 15-45x60 made in china for $59.00
I can see bullet holes at 100 yards very clearly. What more do you need?

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May 8, 1999, 12:48 AM
You might try some of the mail order places for a Bausch & Lomb 15x60 "Discoverer" spotting scope. They are made overseas and usually run about $200 if you look hard enough.

Shutoku Shia
May 18, 1999, 01:38 AM
Gino, I just bought a 2nd spotting scope after considering one for a long time. I read several articles on the topic and talked with various users as well as vendors.

What are the specific requirements you have? For me, it was size, ruggedness/durability/waterproofness, middle to high range optical quality, and reasonable cost (not above $400). I chose Burris 20x50mm based on its size and quality of its glass but depending on what I needed, I could have very easily chosen other spotting scopes whose functional characteristcs are as good as the Burris I bought at a lower cost with better ease of usage (for example, armored Nikon 20x60mm).

On the other hand, Kowa makes an even smaller 50mm objective spotting scope that is even handier and less costly than the Burris but is not waterproof and nitrogren sealed but with a very good optical quality.

If I may ask, what are your requirements?

Shutoku Shia
[email protected]

May 21, 1999, 10:36 AM
I have a Bushnell Spacemaster 15-45 Zoom ( Model 78-1217 ). It cost me about $250. Work well. Comes with a decent tripod. Rubber armored so it doesn't get beat up.
You can check it out at http://www.bushnell.com/productinfo/spottingscopes/spacemaster.html

Hope this helps