View Full Version : CamelBax's are a must have!

April 21, 1999, 09:14 PM
Don't know if anyone posted this tidbit yet:

There is a product that mountainbike riders have been using that is perfect for hunters.
It's a small backpack that contains a collapsible water container. The water is accessed thru a flexible hose, hence no stopping or movement to drink! The original company who designed this is called CamelBax. Their website is www.camelbax.com. Any bike shop should carry a line of different models.

They even have camo and "ninja" black verisons!

4V50 Gary
April 21, 1999, 11:12 PM
Rob told me that it's not Ninja black but "Tactical" black. I dunno, but black doesn't make sense if you want your water cool.

April 22, 1999, 10:39 AM
I've had one for a year or so, for mountain biking and running, and I used it hunting. I live in the desert, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I would advise getting a lighter colored one, as my friends with the black CamelBaks have their water get hot in a hurry. US Cavalry has good prices, but Popular Sporting goods has a good sale on right now.


Mike Spight
April 22, 1999, 10:50 AM
FYI, Blade-Tech sells a "pro-hunter's vest" which has a compartment on its back for carrying a camelbax h2o bag.

April 23, 1999, 04:22 AM
The correct name is CAMELBAK. R.E.I. sells Camelbak's for just about what any bike shop is selling them for, and REI has a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. Camelbak also makes the M.U.L.E. and H.A.W.G. systems that enable you to carry extra gear without the need for another pack.

Spencer Stewart
April 24, 1999, 08:10 PM
Question about the various hydration systems...

How do you clean them? Ever have any problems with mildew or mold?



April 25, 1999, 03:04 PM
You can clean the hydration systems with brushed the company sells. Also they make an insert that holds the bag open and lets it completely dry. I've have one of mine for about two or three years now and as long as I clean it and dry it the bag doesn't mold or mildew.

4V50 Gary
April 25, 1999, 05:03 PM
BTW, the first application of the camelbax which I witnessed was an instructor who filled it with diet soda, and then proceeded to squeeze the foam out, spilling it over his hands and the outer cover of the camelbax. Shooters can be disgusting at times. ;)