View Full Version : Best Nightstand Gun Safe?

April 21, 1999, 05:06 PM
Which ones do you have experience and which have worked well for you? Need quick access and storage for at least 2 full size handguns. More is better.


April 23, 1999, 04:47 AM
I would recomend the GunVault(r) MultiVault. It has a shelf that allows two guns with enough room for your spare mag and your Surefire 6Z, Mag Light, or similar light. It has a no-look pushbutton pad with a key over- ride motion detector with audio alarm. I use an original GunVault(r). It takes about one second to open it and retreive my gun and light. You can check them out on the web @ www.gunvault.com.

April 23, 1999, 09:51 AM
Arg. Beat me to it. :)