View Full Version : Has anyone used a Safariland SLS?

March 13, 1999, 11:55 PM
I am looking for a new holster and have been leaning toward the SLS, any input good or bad would be great...


March 20, 1999, 11:52 AM
I just recently switched from the Safariland 3004 with thumb break and rotating hood to the 6004 SLS. It's much faster than the old 3004 system, and easier to disengage when wearing gloves (Nomex, not winter). I especially like the SLS b/c of a very fast reholster, a boon when you need to put the weapon away quickly to lay hands on someone. I'd be curious to see how the system held up to lots of sand and dirt, but that's not going to be much of an issue for me anyway, just an idle thought.