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Rich Lucibella
February 18, 1999, 10:50 AM
I'm looking for a lightweight, portable rifle front rest with adjustable height. This is not got matches, just for general zeroing and practice.


New 2 H&K's
February 18, 1999, 04:16 PM
Try an Outers Varminter rifle rest, its all metal & goes for about $70 to $80

February 18, 1999, 06:32 PM

I'm sorry I don't know the brand, but at the range I go to, they have a red "triangular" plastic front rest that seems very versatile.

It is triangular in "cross section", and each "side" has a different basic height from the bench. So you can change the height of the rest, by turning it to one of the three sides.

And on each side, the surface is "stepped", for finer height adjustments! Very cool!

My only complaint is that it is made of normal "slippery" plastic. If I owned one, I'd probably glue something tacky (rubber) to the steps.

Sounds like what you're looking for!


Rich Lucibella
February 18, 1999, 08:41 PM
Thanks. I'll check it.
You're referring to Hoppe's brand, I believe. Looks kinda like a little spool. Not compact enough for my liking. I'm hoping for a collapsible tripod design, but can't find one.

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March 8, 1999, 11:25 AM
This may sound a little weird, but i use a small adjustable camera tripod. Where the camera normally screws on, i screwed on a V-shaped peice I made out of wood, and lined it with felt so it wouldnt scratch my stock.

Anyway, it colapses very well, and can easyily be moved from place to place with no trouble at all.

And, if you shop around, you could probably find a very small one that could be put in your range box.

Rich Lucibella
March 8, 1999, 01:44 PM
Not weird at all. There's acompany that's marketing this very concept now.

Shutoku Shia
March 8, 1999, 04:45 PM
Rich, will you post the info on collapsible benchrest? I have the triangular Hoppes plastic benchrest but I am looking for a very compact collapsible one.


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