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February 25, 1999, 10:58 PM
Those of you who read the original MRE thread remember that we dicussed checking out Cheaper Than Dirt's brand. Well, they finally arrived and now for the review I promised.
According to CTD's catalog, these MREs are made for them by the same company that makes them for the government with two changes. the entree in CTDs version is 10 ounces while Mil Spec is 8 ounces. Also the entree is packaged in a plastic tray rather than a bag. Other than that they are the same as Mil Spec.
Each unit contains: entree, bread, drink mix, granola bar, plastic fork & spoon, salt, pepper, moist towellete and a book of paper matches.
My 14 year old son and I tried two of the four meals offered. He had Beef with noodles and sauce. This is basicly spagetti in beef sauce with peas. He liked it and after trying a bite or two, I agree thats its not bad.
I figured if any of the meals was going to be nasty, it would be the Chicken stew, so thats what I tried. The stuff surprised me and was pretty good.
While both meals had acceptable taste, it was typical military and somewhat bland. Do use the salt and pepper, it helps.
The drink mix is simply grape kool-aid. No complaints there. The granola bar is your basic store brand and again, no complaints. The bread is like a thick square of plain white bread. Tastes ok, but a little tough.
While I wouldn't what to eat these at every meal, as emergency supplies they should serve very well. The only complaint I do have is that theres just not enough to completely fill you up. You won't starve, but a little something extra would be nice.

You can visit Cheaper Than Dirt's web site at www.cheaperthandirt.com. BTW: their bussiness is booming with Y2K, so delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks.

Rich Lucibella
February 25, 1999, 11:20 PM
Can you provide nutritional info for us. This seems to be the defining factor other than palatability.

February 26, 1999, 12:56 AM
Both the complete package and the entree have nutrition facts labels. Since the entree seems to be in question I'll go with it.

Beef with noodles and sauce
Calories 320
calories from fat 90
total fat 10g
sat. fat 3g
cholesterol 70mg
sodium 1300mg
total carbohydrate 29g
dietary fiber 1g
sugars 2g
protein 28g
Vitamin A 8%
Vitamin C 4%
Calcium 4%
Iron 20%

Chicken stew
Calories 240
calories from fat 90
Total fat 10g
Sat. fat 4g
cholestrol 85mg
sodium 670mg
total carbohydrates 19g
dietary fiber 1g
sugars 1g
protein 19g
Vitamin A 40%
Vitamin C 10%
calcium 4%
iron 8%

Ok, there are the numbers. Now if somebody who actually understands them would render an opinion, I'd be grateful.

February 26, 1999, 03:04 AM
The only one I understand is the sodium content (a personal concern).

The chicken stew is pretty darn hich, but the beef dish is off the scale!!!

Makes my face turn red and my heart murmur just looking at those numbers. BP is now 260 over 199. Ka-boom!

Rich Lucibella
February 26, 1999, 09:41 AM
850 155
The caloric content (320) sounds low. The product I had reviewed showed 850 calories (155 from fat). Spark noted that this was low as compared to milspec.

I found a manufacturer close to me from a post on the API list. I will be checking them out this next week.

The search continues.

February 26, 1999, 10:25 PM
I had military MREs this week-end. I looked briefly at the calories, and everything combined, there had to be well over 1000 calories in each. BTW, we managed to scape up a case of the vegitarian MREs. They were good, and it was nice to try something different.


February 26, 1999, 11:20 PM
The numbers I posted were for the entree only. Here are the stats on the complete meal. This should be closer to what you had.

Beef with noodles
Calories 715
calories from fat 200
total fat 23g
saturated fat 8g
sodium 2020 mg
cholesterol 70mg
total carbohydrate 92g
dietary fiber 4g
sugars 33g
protein 34g

Check this and see how it stacks up with yours.