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February 6, 1999, 12:28 AM
First, thanks for all the input regarding IWB holsters and belts. Now, does anyone have recommendations for an ankle holster suitable for a Glock 26? It needs to be wearable under straight legged Levis and maybe Wranglers - Levis for sure.

buzz riley
February 6, 1999, 01:34 AM
In my experience, you'll never conceal a G-26/27 size ankle gun under straight leg Levis. If you did, you wouldn't be able to draw it because of the tight fitting pant leg squeezing around it. You could probably do it under uniform or dress pants(a few people do), but you really need a smaller weapon for ankle carry. Good luck!

February 7, 1999, 03:15 PM
One of the reasons to carry in an ankle holster is to better conceal the weapon. I have used one brand most of the time for the last 17 years. Topline, Cincinnati, Ohio.

This holster is all nylon w/velcro, and a support strap. It is meant to be worn high enough to be well concealed, and still give a 3 second draw.

It is necessary to remember -- the ankle rig is for concealment, not speed. While my work demands excellent concealment, ( a Kel Tec in ankle rig ) speed is still important, and for that reason, I also carry a Wather TPH in a pocket holster. In this case the TPH may be used to get me to cover where the better weapon can be brought into play. GLV

February 15, 1999, 02:34 AM
Lou Alessi has made hundreds of ankle holsters for the mini Glock for a middle eastern security force. If you wear Levi 517 (boot cuts) or any of the Silvertabs it will work if you have large calves. May not work on 550 or 560 and will not work on 501 or 505. I have one for a Kahr MK9 and love it, but remember the Glock is thicker.

February 15, 1999, 02:58 AM
I have had good luck with the Galco Ankle Glove under my jeans.

It is too thick for the tapered leg jeans, but the relaxed fit and boot cut work for me.


Live Free or Die

New 2 H&K's
February 16, 1999, 03:20 PM
Mitch Rosen makes the best ankle holster on the market. The one i actually have is the same on they made for the Magazine ads. At the time i ordered mine his holster was only available for the small frame S&W's. You might wanna check to see if there are another models made now. Only bad side is the wait, look for about 12 to 14 weeks before you have it. Unless you're lucky like me & there's a promotional holster laying around.