View Full Version : LAser Rangefinding Scopes

Rob Pincus
January 26, 1999, 12:23 AM
If any of you are like me, you have drooled over the Swarovski scope with an integral Laser Rangefinder.
I've thought that it was a pretty cool little deal ever since I first saw it. But... ack! at $5000 it was a bit much to drop for a scope, no matter how cool it was.

Now, A little birdy has told me that Nikon wil introduce a laser rangefinding scope for just under $1000 retail. The scope itself will be the equivalent of a Monarch scope from Nikon ( around $500-600 bucks to start). You'd pay at least $350 for a good 800 yard rangefinder.. so .. is it worth an extra hundred or so to have a 2 in 1..?

Or, is it better to have a scope be a scope and buy a rangefinder seperately if you want it?

Byron Quick
January 27, 1999, 02:56 AM

I think it would depend on the weight, accuracy, range, and durability of the package. If it did not add a great deal of weight, the precision of the range finder is adequate, the range is sufficient, and it is a durable as the basic scope...hell, I might marry it :)