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June 30, 2005, 09:04 PM
A few recipes crept into the Finest Game Meat thread... so I thought I'd dedicate one specifically to that. Please list either your favorite recipe for game, or a link to game recipes.

I will start things off with a link to the game recipes section at Backwoods Bound, which has them organized by critter:

I have never had squirrel, but like the sound of their squirrel stew:

Squirrel Stew

~ 3 squirrels, cleaned and cut up
~ 1/4 cup all purpose flour
~ 1 teaspoon salt
~ 1/2 teaspoon pepper
~ 2 slices bacon
~ 2 tablespoons butter
~ 5 cups of water
~ 1 - 28 oz can whole tomatoes
~ 1 chopped onion
~ 1 heaping tablespoon of brown sugar
~ 2 potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes
~ 1 - 10 oz package frozen lima beans
~ 1 cup frozen corn
~ 3 tablespoons all purpose flour

Combine 1/4 cup flour, salt and pepper. Coat the squirrel pieces.

In a Dutch oven, combine bacon and butter over medium heat until butter melts. Add squirrel and brown.

Add water, tomatoes, onion and brown sugar and bring to boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

Remove squirrel pieces and let cool. Remove meat from bones.

Add meat, potatoes, beans and corn to Dutch oven. Heat to boiling, reduce heat and cover. Simmer until potatoes are tender.

Mix 3 tablespoons of flour with 3 tablespoons of cold water, then stir into stew. Heat to boiling.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened, bubbly.

Serve with warm rolls and enjoy!

June 30, 2005, 09:20 PM
An even larger and more varied collection was at the NC State Cooperative Extension, with recipes for all kinds of critters:

And some very fancy game recipes taken from hoidy toidy restaurants are at:

June 30, 2005, 09:31 PM
This is my "fancy" reicpe fer when ya got comp'ny over and need ta make a good impreshun :D

4 squirrels, skint 'n' cut up.
1 can Uncle Bucks cajun fish batter from Bass Pro Shops.
enough eril to fill a fryin' pan

Heat up yer eril (that's "oil" fer fellers north of Tennessee) 'till it starts to bubble a bit.
wet down yer squirrel peices and roll 'em in the batter. Make sure ta get plenty on there, so's folks kin taste it.
Fry yer squirrel like ya would chunks 'o crappie. Ya gots to do 'em long 'nuff to be done, but not long so long as ta burn 'em. Once the batter gets yeller and browns on tha edges, yer done.

Make up some black eyed peas ta go with 'em. (with salt 'n bacon, like yer momma done 'em)
If ya got the time, 'er if ya think on it b'fore hand, y'all could do up some sun tea. That'd warsh it down jest fine.

The best part is, y'all can make the whole mess in one 'er two cast ahrn skillets on a campfire if ya want.

If that don't impress yer lady freinds, ah sure don' know what would. :D

July 1, 2005, 01:07 AM
Primo Superfantastic Deer Supper

1 pot
1 plate
1 fork
1 knife
1 box KD
1 package of mulie steaks
beer ranging from one can to 6 or 7
variable amount of BBQ sauce

results in: a durned fine plate fulla deer steaks and KD followed by a few barley pops. if theres a better way to eat supper when youre home alone i have yet to see it.

July 1, 2005, 03:27 PM
Universal Simple:

Any game meat, deer, rabbit, squirrel...

Cut into chunks. Marinate in Italian Dressing.

Brown paper bag with Flour, this much salt and that much pepper. Toss meat into bag and shake. Cast Iron Dutch Oven/ Skillet and brown - done.

Even just marinating in salt water is fine, cranberry juice is good too.


Dove Breasts:

Marinate as above, split and fill with jalapeno cheese, wrap in bacon and toss onto grill.


Wrap in tin foil, with Italian dressing and toss onto coals.

Duck Breasts: Especially trash ducks can be done the same as above.



Remove head and entrails, fill with pat of butter, slice of lemon and onion if want. Wrap in foil and toss onto coals.


Quail: Reverence applied here. :) These are carefully picked clean of feathers and head and entrails removed. Marinate just a wee bit in salt water.
Again the brown bag with flour , salt , pepper and cast iron skillet , until brown.

Make gravy friom the drippings...

IN the other cast iron skillet the scratch biscuits are cooked. Store bought biscuits a hanging offense - with Quail one is hung and shot.

Served with honey, homemade Maple Syrup, Sorghum and real butter [ that fake stuff with Quail is a sign of disrespect...hanging and shooting offense as well]. Black Coffee, Iced Tea, RC , or Creme Soda. When Grapette becomes avail again soon - acceptable as well.

With quail the veggies : fresh spinach salad, fried green tomatoes. broiled ripe tomatoes with jalapeno cheese melted on top, fried okra , okra and tomatos.

I usually eat the veggies separate... these are consumedfirst. Eat the Quail by its lonesome. One does NOT disrespect Quail, one's palate should not be tainted with any else whilst eating quail.

Matter of Principle and Respect ...and we do have those hanging and shooting offenses in regard to Quail . ;)

Dave R
July 1, 2005, 04:07 PM
A slight variation on sm's dove recipe...

You see, I believe that, if you kill it, you must eat it. So I used to eat doves out of a sense of duty. But I didn't enjoy it much. Now I do. These taste like fancy hord d' ouvres.

-2 dove breasts.
-1-2 strips of bacon.
-2-3 slices of japapeno peppers.

Make a sandwich with the 2-3 jalapeno slices in between the 2 dove breasts. Wrap the bacon strip(s) around the breasts, and secure the whole thing with toothpicks. Grill or broil until the bacon is done.

July 1, 2005, 06:20 PM
1 whole loin of venison (stop ruining that precious meat by turning it into chops)
1 bottle Pinot Noir
Some spices/herbs
Some potatos

Pour half the bottle of Pinot into a sauce pan, add a cup of beef broth, some rosemary sprigs, a couple of cloves of garlic, fresh black pepper, 1 t-spn brown sugar. Bring to low boil, keep it there to reduce till it coats the back of a spoon. Remove the rosemary and garlic when done. There's your sauce. It'll take longer to reduce than to prepare the loin, so plan on starting it about 1/2 hour or more before you fix the loin. If it gets too syrupy, just add a little more wine or broth.

Have a glass of the wine. Enjoy. Don't cook with anything you wouldn't drink, buy a good bottle. You'll maybe want to buy two bottles, 'cause you're going to want to drink some with your venison.

Cut the loin in half if you need to fit it in the pan. Coat the loin with olive oil, black pepper, ground sage, salt. Sear it in an oven-proof pan, it'll stick if you have the heat too high. You basically want to heat a couple of tablespoons in the bottom of the pan until it shimmers. Sear the entire outside, then pop it into an oven set at 450 F for another 10 - 15 minutes, depending on how well you like it. DON"T OVERCOOK IT. You'll want it medium rare at most.

Let it rest for 5 minutes, slice on an angle, fan out on plate, spoon the reduction over the slices of venison.

Serve with boiled redskins or garlic mashed potatos. Heck, a good wild rice works too. And while you're at it, saute up some wild mushrooms in butter and garlic - morels, oysters, chantrell, porcini, crimini, shiitake, whatever you like and have a little mushroom ragout with your wild game.
Serves two.

July 1, 2005, 07:50 PM
Onion :p ,

core the onion, pat of butter, a wee bit more than that much pepper, put the top back on top...wrap in foil. Toss onto coals, on the grill, or oven. Goes with any "game".

Apples: :p

Baked apples go with anything, as dessert. Quick and easy [read: you got kids, grandkids, nieces , nephews...put them to work...]

Core apple, pat of butter, fill that sucker full of Red Hots...yeah the cinamon candy. :eek: :D . Again wrap in foil, toss on grill, or coals. If using a oven...no need to wrap in foil .

Kids...wrap that puppy in wax paper, and Nuke it!

Ask old folks what wax paper is.

Good thing about this..." mom/ dad...I'm hungry.." you reply " fix it yourself - you know how...and fix me one too. " :D

Pears are good this way too...

My theory - fill folks up on stuff like this...leaves ;) more game for you to eat.