View Full Version : Tri Light Front Sight, Good for Carry?

Sam C
January 16, 1999, 12:30 PM
Lone Wolf Dist. has a "Tri Light Front Sight by Aro-Tek. They are a combination of Tritium & Fiber Optics and supposedly glow day & night.Anyone know if they really work? OK for carry? How long would they last? Thanks, Sam

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January 23, 1999, 06:59 PM
I have an Aro Tek Tri Lite front sight on
a Glock. Here is my opinion: As a night
sight it is OK, but not as good as a regular
night sight. As a day glo sight, it is really
poor. Not even close to the "HI VIZ". The
Tri Lite is a compromise. As in any compromise, you have to give up something on
both sides. Bottom line: If I had to do it
over again, I would go with a regular tritium
night sight on this gun. I have a "HI VIZ"
front sight on another Glock, and it works
great, as long as there is any ambient light.


January 23, 1999, 10:18 PM
This is why I love this place so much! :D


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